How to find Aged Wood in New World

Reach a high enough level to collect Aged Wood (Image via Amazon Games)
Reach a high enough level to collect Aged Wood (Image via Amazon Games)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Any aspiring lumberjack in New World is going to need Aged Wood to progress beyond standard materials. But getting Aged Wood won't be as simple as just finding it out in Aeternum.

There is a barrier for entry to start collecting Aged Wood in New World. As one of the four gathering skills, logging will need to be leveled up in order to get the desired materials and progress towards better uses. For Aged Wood specifically, players will need to be at logging level 50 in order to even cut down and collect Aged Wood.

New World Lumberjack Needed quest that requires Aged Wood


One of the first things that prompts players to look for Aged Wood in New World is a quest based around logging. The quest itself is called Lumberjack Needed and can be found fairly early on in the game.

The main difference between Aged Wood and other wood materials is in the name. Younger trees typically net the base wood players will come across before logging level 50. Mature trees are the ones that players need if they want to cut down Aged Wood, and they can clearly be found by how thick they are.

Simply put, players will be tasked with collecting 80 Aged Wood as a logger. As mentioned before, Aged Wood comes from mature trees which are much larger than the young trees which populate the world up to that point. Each tree that is cut down will net the player a small amount of wood compared to the full haul needed.


That means plenty of cutting will be required, and there is durability to the tools in New World. Eventually, tools like the hatchet may need to be repaired, and in some cases, simply bringing other backups can be good. With the right preparations, players should be able to get the 80 Aged Wood they need within a couple of hours.

When players reach logging level 50 in New World, that's not the end of the skill leveling journey. Aged Wood is just another aspect of the grind and can help catapult players to higher levels if they take the time to farm the trees.

Logging itself will have a cast time or an animation for each tree that is chopped down, and more than a handful are going to be required. So patience will certainly be a virtue in this New World Aged Wood quest.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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