How do Guilds work in New World?

Guilds are known as Companies in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
Guilds are known as Companies in New World (Image via Amazon Games)

Guilds are an important aspect of any MMO, and in New World, Guilds are labeled as Companies. While the name is different, the idea of a group of players banding together under one banner is still the same.

One of the most important aspects of Guilds or Companies in New World is the idea of factions. Every player in the game will choose a faction after "Commitment to the Cause" is completed, which is one section of the main story consisting of four parts. With those parts done, players will need to select one of three factions.

Those factions all stand for different causes, and they can be changed every 120 days. The reason factions are mentioned with Guilds and Companies is because they are directly tied to each other. Players in New World will only be able to join Guilds or Companies that are tied to their own faction. Crossing that territory is not possible in the game.

While the faction that players are in will dictate which Guilds or Companies can be joined, it's only the beginning of the system. There are more steps and aspects of the Company system as well.

How to join a Guild or a Company in New World


Like factions, Guilds and Companies need to be unlocked by progressing through the main story of the game. In this case, most players will be able to finish the required section of the story in Windsward. From there, a faction can be chosen and different Companies can be browsed.

To join a Guild or Company, there are two main methods. One is to press "G" or open the menu and select the Companies tab. This is where Companies can be searched for in New World, or where any information will exist for a Company that is joined. Another method is to simply look in the chat and request an invite.

For other players, creating a Company in New World may be more appealing. That tab can also be found in the menu or by simply pressing "G." There are plenty of customizations and ranks to take advantage of. Just watch out for that 100-player limit.

It's important to remember that Guilds and Companies are player-run organizations, just like any other MMO games. That means it's really up to the player which organization is chosen. Most of the time, they should line up with the player's ideals or the kind of content they want to partake in.

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