How to find Mint in New World

There are 12 ingredients that can be found in the wild. (Image via Amazon Games)
There are 12 ingredients that can be found in the wild. (Image via Amazon Games)
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Aspiring cooks in New World will spend a decent amount of time searching for Mint and other ingredients found throughout Aeternum. Only 12 ingredients can be collected in the wild, and the Mint ingredient is one of them.

New World has different classifications of food ingredients for players who want to specialize in cooking. Wild ingredients are one aspect, while searching enemies or stockpiles of food is another way to look for ingredients. Overall, there are nearly 30 ingredients for players to utilize when they collect or cook.

As for Mint itself, players can only find the plant within the wild of New World. But it's not Mint specifically that players will be looking for when they farm for nodes. Mint as a plant doesn't technically exist as an asset in the ground. Instead, players need to search for an herb plant, which essentially looks the same across the board.

This may seem fairly confusing, and for good reason, but the process is simple. All wild ingredients can drop from the herb plants, including mint, but what drops will completely depend on the region. Multiple herbs can be found in a single region, but each one of the 12 options is typically limited to four spots for harvesting.

Which regions can players find Mint in New World


For mint specifically in New World, there are four major regions where the herb can be found. If herb plants are searched in one of the four regions, there is a chance that Mint will drop, but it's not a guarantee.

The regions that players should look for are Windsward, Restless Shore, Weaver's Fen, and Mourningdale. Each of those regions can give players the Mint they want, but they aren't all equal in opportunity. So far, Windsward appears to be the best spot for farming Mint in New World.

Many other skills in the game require players to be at a certain skill level, along with the correct tools in hand. For collecting herbs in New World, there is no level requirement to reach, and anyone can pick up the plant nodes. However, a sickle is needed in order to harvest nodes for the Mint.

When all is said and done, players can begin cooking with their ingredients. Creating a recipe with Mint will allow players in New World to increase their gear score when the time calls for it.

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