How to get Poultry in New World

Poultry is one of the most common ingredients for cooking (Image via Amazon Games)
Poultry is one of the most common ingredients for cooking (Image via Amazon Games)

Poultry is different from other resources in New World in that it can't simply be collected off the ground. Instead, players will have to do a bit of tracking and hunting to get the Poultry that they want.

When thinking of Poultry, the first thought for most players is to look for chickens, likely in one of the towns within New World. But that's not the case for Poultry in Aeternum. Instead, players will need to look for turkeys if they want the meat for cooking, trading, or questing.

While there may be no chicken to hunt for Poultry, and the main source is wild turkey, that doesn't mean it will be hard to find. Turkeys can be found almost anywhere in New World, which makes Poultry a fairly common resource or ingredient for cooking. If players are looking to maximize how many turkeys they find, though, the best spots to look for them are in forests or near mountains.

If finding turkeys is proving too difficult, or players simply want to save time in New World, it's also possible to improve tracking and get the turkeys to appear on the compass. To get that feature to appear, it's important to level up Tracking and Skinning. Like most skills in the game, the more it is leveled up, the more boons that a player will get.

The Tracking and Skinning skill is part of the trade category and is great for players who want to hunt or cook. When it comes to finding turkeys, it's one of the best tools to farm poultry fast. What the skill does is make turkeys appear on the player's compass as icons without having to do too much real tracking. It's essentially a free marker to hunt down the birds.

What can players do with Poultry or turkeys in New World?


First and foremost, players that gather Poultry can use it for cooking, which is a skill in and of itself. Poultry can be consumed raw for HP benefits, but cooking the resource will make it far more effective, especially with certain recipes.

Players can then either sell their dishes to others or simply trade raw Poultry for other players to use. If that's not enough, players can also collect the feathers that the turkeys will drop, which can also be traded or used for crafting arrows in New World.

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