How to find Nightcrawler Bait in New World

Look for flint to collect Nightcrawler Bait (Image via Amazon Games)
Look for flint to collect Nightcrawler Bait (Image via Amazon Games)

Fishing is one of many activities in New World, and players will need Nightcrawler Bait if they want to get in-depth with their skill. Without this item, they won't be able to fish in certain parts of the New World map.

Finding Nightcrawler Bait is relatively straightforward but will take some time to get a good stack ready for fishing. The first step is to look for flint.

Within the world of Aeternum, flint will spawn in almost any zone, and it can be common by comparison to some other resources. But for the Nightcrawler, in particular, users should search for flint near a water source.

Once any flint has been located near a water source, they can't pick up the stone whenever they please. What time of day it is will matter for finding the Nightcrawler Bait.

Some may assume that picking up flint at night is the time to search, but it's the opposite. Nightcrawlers will leave their rocks at night and return during the day underneath their temporary flint homes.


That means with everything in mind, the most efficient way to farm Nightcrawler Bait is to collect flint near water sources during the day. Not every piece of flint will guarantee the bait, but following those three aspects will net gamers far more Nightcrawler Bait in New World.

Where to use Nightcrawler Bait for fishing in New World

Finding Nightcrawler Bait to use in New World is only the first step to fishing with the specific resource. Players will have to go out and use the bait, assuming they already have a fishing rod ready to go.

While most water sources will allow for fishing, the type of bait should match up with the right body of water.

The water source that benefits from Nightcrawler Bait in New World is saltwater. When users begin fishing, they can press "R" and choose the bait that they want.


As long as the water source is saltwater, they can select Nightcrawler Bait and catch the fish they want.

Once gamers have fished for long enough or have what they need, what is caught can be used for more than a trophy. They can either use the fish they catch to cook food for potential buffs or sell them to others.

Either way, the Nightcrawler Bait will eventually be useful for fishing in New World.

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