How to find a shiny Voltorb in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Modified 16 Mar 2021

Pokemon GO will soon be featuring Voltorb for its own hour, and players may want to take the time to get their own blue shiny Voltorb.

Every week in Pokemon GO, there is a new Spotlight Hour with a featured Pokemon. On Tuesday, March 16, Voltorb will be the next featured Pokemon for the hour, which always starts at 6 pm local time and runs until 7 pm local time. During that time, Voltorb will spawn at increased rates.

Pokemon GO players in populated areas, especially with incense, will be able to catch Voltorb at an almost constant rate. When a Pokemon has a far higher spawn rate, that always means more chances for the Pokemon to appear as a shiny. It's easy to tell if Voltorb appears as shiny due to how blue it is compared to the standard red.

Typically, when a Pokemon is featured in a Pokemon GO event, it receives its own shiny form to go along. Not every Pokemon in the game has a shiny form, and sometimes they take a while to be added, even if the Pokemon is already in the game. Luckily, Voltorbs already have shiny form for players to chase, and the spotlight hour is the perfect chance.

Voltorb Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO and the best chances of getting a shiny Voltorb

As with any other shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, there is no guaranteed way to obtain a shiny. At the end of the day, finding one really comes down to luck, but plenty of consistency can change to odds to a higher degree.

That's where Spotlight Hour comes into play to catch a shiny Voltorb. In that hour, the odds of getting a blue and shiny Voltorb are much higher than usual, and players should certainly take advantage of the event. Popping incense and walking around populated areas will also make sure that players encounter as many Voltorbs as possible.

Even after the Spotlight Hour, players can still obtain a shiny Voltorb. It's technically always possible to get one as long as they appear, and the Pokemon GO Charge Up! event will make sure of that. Starting on March 16, Electric-type Pokemon will be the focus of Pokemon GO for a full week, and that includes Voltorb.

If players are unable to find a shiny Voltorb during the Spotlight Hour, there is still a week with fairly high chances of getting one.

Published 16 Mar 2021
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