Battlefield 2042 crashing: How to fix, known issues, and more

Battlefield 2042 players seem to be facing a 2002G error code (Image by EA)
Battlefield 2042 players seem to be facing a 2002G error code (Image by EA)
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With the release of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts is exploring a futuristic era of combat. The game is slated for release on November 19, but players who ordered the Gold or Ultimate editions have already started playing it.

However, they have been reporting certain bugs, errors, and glitches that crash the game and ruin the experience. The 2002G error code is one of the latest reported errors responsible for frequent crashes. Lets’ take a look at the steps to fix this issue.


How to fix Battlefield 2042 crashing with 2002G error code

The 2002G error code in Battlefield 2042 has been inconveniencing players as it shows an "Unable to load Persistence Data" message. EA has already taken note of this particular issue and the developers will be working on issuing a fix soon.

The game is on the brink of its release in a week and errors like this are pretty surprising.

The 2002G error code is assumed to be an error from the server-side. Here are some of the recommended ways to get rid of this error:

1) Launching the game through Origin

Many players are not aware of the fact that they can launch the game from Origin despite buying it on Steam. Some of them have reported that after launching the game through Origin, they are not facing the issue anymore.

We're aware that many of you are receiving an error message while attempting to load into a Server, and then being returned to the Main Menu⚠ Unable to Load Persistence Data is a connection issue on our sideWe're on it, for now you can hit Retry and attempt to join a server

2) Restarting game and router

Restarting Battlefield 2042 and the router can be a quick and local fix for such crash issues. It has often been reported that restarting the game has solved crashes and certain glitches.

Restarting the game and the router fixes connectivity issues thereby allowing the game to run properly. This tactic is definitely worth giving a shot.

3) Disabling crossplay in Battlefield 2042

If the source of the error is unknown, different methods need to be tried to rule out the cause. Players should also try disabling the crossplay in Battlefield 2042 when tackling the 2002G error code.

If the problem still persists after trying these steps, it's best to wait for the developers to release a proper fix. Players should also check the game's official Twitter handles for any further information.

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