How to fix Hogwarts Legacy issues after latest Nvidia driver update (March 2023)

Nvidia players for Hogwarts Legacy have been in a pinch lately (Images via Warner Bros Interactive Entetrianment/Nvidia)
Nvidia players for Hogwarts Legacy have been in a pinch lately (Images via Warner Bros Interactive Entetrianment/Nvidia)

Over a month after its launch, Hogwarts Legacy continues to receive updates to improve its technical polish. On the PC side of things, GPU manufacturers are also dishing out driver updates for graphics cards to enhance performance and fix any anomalies.

However, as of recently, Nvidia users have been reporting issues after updating drivers to the latest renditions. Curiously, these problems do not pertain to just a single driver version either.

Players were inflicted by freezing or crashing onto the desktop past the initial shader compilation process. On top of that, ray-tracing seems to be broken as a whole too. So what can gamers do about it?

Here are some possible fixes for Hogwarts Legacy issues for Nvidia users

@HogwartsLegacy The game started crashing my entire PC today (blue screen of death every single time). Shaders never load. The only diff is a new Nvidia driver (installed correctly). Game unplayable, please fix it.

For one, the absolute latest Nvidia driver version is 531.29. Unfortunately, some Hogwarts Legacy players have been reporting getting a black screen in Hogwarts Legacy. This means that they cannot play the game after the update.

This occurs around the initial shader pre-compilation process. Some players have reported that this black screen is part of the initial boot-up process for the game. In other words, the shader compilation is apparently longer now.

As such, one solution would be for players to be a little more patient and see if they are able to get into the game. If not, try to restart the game and see if there are any changes.

For those on the slightly older 531.18, some players have been experiencing a number of problems with it too. From worse performance to crashes to the desktop and even freezes.

Additionally, this would also crash Hogwarts Legacy, as raytracing is enabled in the settings. Others have even reported BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) crashes on their PCs.

Then there is the 528.49 patch, released about a month ago. This had mixed results, with the game running smoother for some while introducing similar crashes and performance problems for others.

Those who have not updated to version 531 or newer due to a stable experience may want to continue as is. For others, read on below.

What if none of these solutions worked?

For PC players playing Hogwarts Legacy with a NVIDIA video card, there is a GeForce Game Ready Driver update available to enhance your experience. Driver version 528.49. You can find it here:…

Note that Hogwarts Legacy players on drivers older than 528 will see a warning dialog pop-up when launching the game. The label prompts users to update their graphics drivers to the latest.

Considering the plethora of issues reported by other players, it would be wise to wait for further official details. In a scenario where none of the drivers are helping, players are left with just one option: rolling back to stable builds.

In this case, players may want to try the original 528.49. If any issues persist, then they may want to check out the drivers older than that. It is important to note that each user can have different results. This is due to varied hardware combinations. So some experimentation is in order.

Here's how to roll back drivers:

  • Head to the Device Manager. This can be done by typing the name into the start bar. Alternately, select Windows key + X and select the Device Manager option from the list.
  • Expand the Display Drivers selection and right-click on your discrete GPU. Select Properties and then the Driver tab.
  • Under here, click Rollback Drivers. Select the version to be rolled back to and follow the on-screen instructions.

If the rollback option is grayed out, that means the current drivers are the only ones on the computer. In this case, users will have to manually download the specific version from Nvidia's website.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PS5, and XSX|S right now.

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