How did "forsenE" become one of the most popular emotes on Twitch? Reason explored

Exploring the origins of forsenE (Image - Sportskeeda)
Exploring the origins of forsenE (Image - Sportskeeda)

Before 2018, the world of Twitch emotes was relatively normal with the usual Kappas and TriHards. However, that was until "forsenE" unknowingly took over the purple platform. The emote in question features a distorted image of the face of a popular Swedish Twitch streamer Forsen, who is mostly known for being a former professional StarCraft II player-turned-Hearthstone content creator aside from being the leader of the 'Bajs.'

Like every streamer with a dedicated die-hard following, Forsen seems to have lucked out when it comes to the Bajs, a Swedish slang for poop that Forsen uses to address his community. What sets the Bajs apart is their dedication to remaining at the forefront of making certain memes popular by spamming them, including this warped emote and the iconic Ugandan Knuckles meme.

Why is the "forsenE" emote so popular?


The emote first entered Forsen's channel on Amazon's coveted streaming platform in 2016 as a subscriber-only emote, meaning only Forsen's subscribers can access this specific emote. While the emote holds no significant meaning, it took over Twitch in 2018 when the Bajs started enthusiastically spamming forsenE on other Twitch channels. They also organized campaigns to spam the emote on other social media platforms and online forums like Reddit, all for trolling their favorite Twitch streamer and making the meme-worthy image the most common Twitch emote.

Due to these organized spamming campaigns, the emote surpassed the likes of staple Twitch emotes Kappa and Trihard in January 2018 to become the most used emote in Twitch, as reported by StreamerElements. As of 2023, this emote is the 16th most used emote out of every emote on Twitch, with over 1,639,508,390 incorporations by viewers.


Since the Bajs are devoted to actively promoting the face of their lord and savior, Forsen, in any manner they can, the standard forsenE emote has gone on to have several popular variations over the years, like forsenCD, forsenT, and forsen5G. The latter is currently the most used Twitch emote, featuring the normal warped image from forsenE with a purple tint, with over 8,513,094,378 Twitch chat incorporations at the time of writing.

Origins of the "forsenE"

The original unwarped image of Forsen that serves as the basis for the emote was clipped from a Viagame Q&A interview video filmed during DreamHack Summer 2015. Fans later adopted a distorted version of the image, giving rise to the creation of the popular emote and its subsequent spin-offs.

As aforementioned, with the emote being subscriber-only, Forsen's emotes have increased allure, and it reinforces the strong connection between Forsen and the rest of his Bajs on Twitch and other social media platforms.

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