How to get 5 John Cena Royal Rumble cards in WWE Supercard for free?

Redeem John Cena Royal Rumble 23 free cards in WWE Supercard (Image via 2K Sports)
Redeem John Cena Royal Rumble 23 free cards in WWE Supercard (Image via 2K Sports)

A new tier has been released in WWE Supercard, and players can reach it with the help of free John Cena Royal Rumble 23 cards. These items were released earlier in April 2023, and it’s arguably one of the best sets of gifts handed out by developers CatDaddy. The special pack marked a collaboration with 2K to celebrate the release of WWE 2K23.

While the pack’s relevance has decreased in the last couple of months due to the emergence of new tiers, it can still be extremely useful. If you’re a beginner who has just started WWE Supercard, the five John Cena Royal Rumble 23 cards will be a huge help. They will instantly take your current tier close to the Royal Rumble 23 tier, the third-best level as of writing. Your first task will be to redeem the item and add them to your in-game account.

Redeem John Cena Royal Rumble 23 free cards in WWE Supercard

The process of getting this gift from the developers is very easy. Moreover, it’s free of cost, meaning you won’t have to spend any real-life money or in-game currency.

All you need to do is redeem the QR code given here. This can be done directly from within the WWE Supercard game.

  • Open the game.
  • Click on the settings option.
  • Select the QR scanner.
  • The option will seek access to open the camera.
  • Scan the QR mentioned in the embedded tweet, and all the gifts will be added to your account.

You’ll receive all the items by redeeming this free gift from 2K.

  • Five x John Cena Royal Rumble 23 Special Edition cards.
  • WWE 2K23 Card back.
  • Three x Rare Draft Picks.
  • 3000 x Super Coins.
  • 1 X John Cena Royal Rumble 23 Manager support card.

It’s an amazing starting point if you join WWE Supercard in Season 9. The cards provided to you initially will belong mostly to the Pixel tier at best. The Royal Rumble 23 tier is three tiers higher than that, and your starting deck will be far stronger.


Do note that these cards have lost their overall utility due to the release of two more tiers – Wrestlemania 39 and Myth. The cards may not have much value for veterans, but the super coins can be extremely valuable. There are two excellent Myth tier items of Tiffany Straton and Ilja Dragunov available in the store, each costing 18,000 super coins.

It was a nice gesture from 2K to mark the release of WWE 2K23, and this entire QR set is arguably one of the best gifts ever provided to the community.

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