How to get a Dream Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
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Dream Balls are very rare in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but are also one of the best balls in the game if they can be found.

Dream Balls were originally exclusive to Pokemon Black and White, but they have since made a return in Generation VIII. The reason why they are so valuable is because they increase the catch rate by 4x against any Pokemon that is asleep. This basically means that any trainer who can land a Hypnosis or Sleep Powder on a Pokemon is going to have no problem catching it. Here’s every possible way to get Dream Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to get a Dream Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

There are currently three methods to getting Dream Balls. The easiest way is guaranteed for every player once they get to Wyndon. The Ball Guy outside of Wyndon Stadium always grants the player one Dream Ball before they enter the Champion’s Cup.

Luckily, the ongoing event just created another way players can land an easy Dream Ball. During the stream of the Pokemon Players Cup III, a code was dropped to get a commemorative Dream Ball. Up until 12 April, players can go to the Mystery Gift section of Pokemon Sword and Shield and input DREAMB1GPC3 to get this rare item for free.

Pokemon Players Cup III began on 10 April and will continue streaming through April 11. The event will consist of three contests: Pokemon TCG, Pokken Tournament and Pokemon Sword and Shield VGC. The VGC event will feature prominent players like Beastcoast’s James Baek and Panda Global’s Wolfey Glicke.

The third method requires a gigantic amount of luck, but it is still an option. In the Crown Tundra, Delibird can appear in Max Raid Battles. Delibird has a 1-3% chance of dropping a Dream Ball after being defeated. Grinding Delibird Max Raids won’t be fun, but Dream Balls can certainly be worth it, especially as tools for difficult Pokemon to catch like legendaries.

One strategy any player with a Dream Ball should consider is catching a Shiinotic. This Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon learns the move Spore, which is a 100% accurate move that puts the target to sleep. Shiinotic is also bulky enough to take most hits, so it guarantees the player should be able to use one Spore and then throw a highly accurate Dream Ball.

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