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Black or White: Which Pokemon version should you pick?

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
Brandon Moore
Modified 07 Apr 2021

Pokemon Black and White are just over 10 years old, but fans still jump in to feel that decade-old nostalgia.

Pokemon games all age incredibly well, despite some being over 25 years old with a handful of bugs and glitches. While some are able to grind through them all, others are left with a choice.

The majority of players have to decide between which version of a series they want to play. When it comes to Black and White, that choice is still there. Like most Generations, the two games have their differences.

Which Pokemon version should you pick?

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Black and White take the difference in-game to a completely new level. Instead of just exclusive Pokemon and slight story alterations, Black and White offer completely different locations.

Black has Black City while White has White Forest. Black City is full of shops and trainers to battle, while White Forest is filled with wild Pokemon, including 32 that cannot be found in the Black version.

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

The White Forest exclusive Pokemon are:

  • Pidgey
  • Nidoran (Male & Female)
  • Oddish
  • Abra
  • Machop
  • Bellsprout
  • Magnemite
  • Gastly
  • Rhyhorn
  • Porygon
  • Togepi
  • Mareep
  • Hoppip
  • Wooper
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Wurmple
  • Lotad
  • Seedot
  • Ralts
  • Surskit
  • Slakoth
  • Whismur
  • Azurill
  • Aron
  • Trapinch
  • Corphish
  • Bagon
  • Starly
  • Shinx
  • Budew
  • Happiny

Each one is found at level 5 and cannot be avoided with Abilities or Repels. It is also on top of the normal version exclusive creatures found between the two games.

The version exclusives for White are:

  • Caterpie
  • Metapod
  • Butterfree
  • Paras
  • Parasect
  • Misdreavus
  • Poochyena
  • Mightyena
  • Minun
  • Mismagius
  • Solosis
  • Duosion
  • Reuniclus
  • Rufflet
  • Braviary
  • Thundurus
  • Zekrom

The version exclusives for Black are:

  • Weedle
  • Kakuna
  • Beedrill
  • Murkrow
  • Houndour
  • Houndoom
  • Shroomish
  • Breloom
  • Plusle
  • Honchkrow
  • Gothita
  • Gothorita
  • Gothitelle
  • Vullaby
  • Mandibuzz
  • Tornadus
  • Reshiram

A good thing to remember is that the white colored Legendary, Reshiram, belongs to the Black version. On the contrary, the black colored Legendary, Zekrom, belongs to the White version.

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

There are also appearance changes for some areas. Opelucid City will be futuristic in Black and more rustic in White. Opelucid Gym Leaders change, too, with Drayden in Black and Iris in White. The Battle House will have different styles of battle based on the version as well.

A character in the city will want to be shown a Pokemon with the move Charge. In Black, he says he wants it to travel back in time and in White, he says it is so he can return to his own. In Mistralton City, the airfield will have greenhouses near it in Black, but simple plots of land in White.

Those are the major differences in Pokemon Black and White. White should be considered the best choice, seeing as it has more Pokemon available. Otherwise, the futurism of Black may be your style.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 04:27 IST
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