How to get the Fleet Force Bundle in Fortnite

Image via Twitter ( @NintendoAmerica )
Image via Twitter ( @NintendoAmerica )

The Fortnite Wildcat skin is one of the most sought-after skins in the game. As per a recent announcement by Nintendo, the Fleet Force bundle in Fortnite will be available soon.

The Fortnite Wildcat Skin is part of the Fleet Force. Now that the bundle has been announced, players will probably look forward to completing the set in Fortnite.

The Fleet Force Bundle and the Fortnite Wildcat skin

Just like the Fortnite Wildcat skin, the Fleet Force Bundle is also tied to a Nintendo product. To acquire the Fleet Force Bundle in Fortnite, players will have to purchase the Joy-Cons associated with this promotion.

The Joy-Cons come in a blue and yellow color scheme, which matches the second style of the Fortnite Wildcat skin. The yellow half of the Joycon has the Peely face on it, with the home button effectively forming the home button. Once the Fleet Force bundle goes live, players will be able to complete their set for the Fortnite Wildcat skin with the pickaxe and the glider.

The Fleet Force Bundle in Fortnite includes a glider, two pickaxes and 500 V-Bucks. The bundle isn't available in the market yet. They're scheduled for release on 4 June. Players can pre-order these Joy-Cons at GameStop.


There's a small catch with the bundle though. Players who've already received the Wildcat skin will still have to purchase these Joy-Cons to get their hands on the additional cosmetics. These Joy-Cons are expensive as well, as explained by YouTuber Tabor Hill in his video. Players can purchase these items for a total of $79.99.


Despite their high cost, these Joy-Cons don't really last long enough, according to Tabor Hill. They tend to malfunction after 3 months of usage. After that time period, players need to purchase new Joy-Cons, or send them in for repairs which happens to be a costly affair as well.

Having said that, the Fortnite Wildcat skin and the Fleet Force Bundle are exclusive to Nintendo users only. Players interested in acquiring both these items will have to purchase a Nintendo Switch with the Wildcat promotion and the Joy-Cons that have the Fleet Force Bundle.

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