Top 5 most "simped-over" Fortnite skins

Most attractive skins in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Most attractive skins in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Fortnite players have witnessed a plethora of skins being introduced over the years. However, some skins have been so good that the Fortnite community cannot ever get over them.

Fortnite's visuals offer a unique animated appearance which makes some of the skin designs extremely attractive to players.

Top 5 most attractive skins in Fortnite

#5 - Sun Strider


Released as part of Battle Pass rewards in Season 5, the Sun Strider skin in Fortnite features a vibrant appearance. The red, blue, and yellow color combination provides additional visual appeal for this skin.

The partially visible blonde hair through the "RESCUE" cap makes the skin even more attractive for Fortnite players.

#4 - Harley Quinn


Introduced as a part of the Gotham City set, the DC-themed Harley Quinn skin is definitely one of the most attractive skins to ever exist in Fortnite. This skin features an added "Always Fantabulous" style for players to enjoy an authentic DC-themed character in Fortnite.

Being an extremely popular character from the comic universe enhances fans' attraction towards this skin.

#3 - Jules


Featuring a reactive style, the Jules skin from the Intrepid Engines set in Fortnite features a tattoo-clad character who appears to be a mechanic by profession. The Welder Jules style can be unlocked by players to make the skin reactive.

Having a reactive feature on top of a roughened appearance definitely makes Jules one of the most-wanted skins for players across the Fortnite community.

#2 - Doublecross


This rare-rated skin was introduced on July 4th, 2019, as a part of the Red Lily set. Featuring an "assassin on the beach" look, this skin is one that any Fortnite player would want in their inventory.

Additional accessories such as the eye patch and the flower on her head add some personality to this Fortnite skin.

#1 - Isabelle


One of the most recently released skins in Fortnite, Isabelle has maintained its spot as one of the most "simped-over" skins in the game. Part of the Oakwitch Academy Set, Isabelle features an additional Potions Major style, which can be unlocked to provide the character with a much darker look.

Isabelle's superhero-like appearance with a hint of mystery makes it one of the most attractive skins to have ever existed in Fortnite.

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