Top 5 mistakes only noobs make in Fortnite

Top 5 mistakes made by noobs in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Top 5 mistakes made by noobs in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Fortnite is a fairly complex game, especially for new players who have no experience with the battle royale's gameplay and in-game mechanics.

Considering how complex the game's mechanics can be, even veteran Fortnite players often find themselves making bizarre mistakes. Having said that, making mistakes as "newbies" or "noobs" is something that cannot be avoided. However, there are a few specific mistakes that new players simply cannot seem to overcome.

Ranging from instantly dying at the hands of an enemy to having a horrible in-game experience, these mistakes can cost players very dearly.

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5 most common mistakes made by noobs in Fortnite

Uses makeshift weapons in Season 6 instead of crafting upgrades


With Fortnite Season 6 being in its second week, players have gotten well-versed with the new crafting feature introduced in the game. However, there are some newbies who still haven't figured out the crafting process in Fortnite. This results in them using low-tier weapons instead of crafting upgrades for the same.

Inability to build and edit structures


Considering the gameplay mechanics of Fortnite, building and editing structures is extremely important for survival. However, the entire process of building and editing structures does require a lot of practice to master. This inevitably suggests that newbies will be bad when it comes to builds and edits in Fortnite.

Players can practice the art of building and editing structures in Fortnite's Creative mode.

Failing to take precautions while looting drops and chests


Whenever players are trying to loot a supply drop or a high-tier chest, they should always check their surroundings and build protective structures as cover. However, newbies fail to assess the dangers of going for a supply drop loot without any protection. This can often result in the player getting eliminated by a distant enemy who has their eyes on the same supply drop.

Falls victim to box fights easily


This is arguably one of the toughest combat modes for any new player. Box fight is a scenario where the player is inside a box-like structure and fighting with an enemy within one tile distance who is also inside a similar box-like structure.

This combat mode requires the player to switch rapidly between their weapon and build mode while also trying to take down the enemy.

The entire process can be extremely overwhelming for new players. However, the only method for getting better at this is by simply practicing.

Repeatedly Dying to Fall Damage


The most embarrassing way to die in any multi-player game is by committing self-elimination. As far as newbies in Fortnite are concerned, they seem to excel at the art of dying after taking fall damage.

Since built structures in Fortnite can go up to a massive altitude, newbies often find themselves falling off such structures and cliffs.

Additionally, these players also tend to forget about their gliders as they plummet on the ground to get instantly eliminated.

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