How to get more free spins in Coin Master?

Coin Master Free Spins
You can earn free spins in Coin Master by inviting friends. (Image via Moon Active)

Coin Master is a free-to-play adventure game with gambling mechanics. It implements a single-player setup, allowing gamers to spin the slot machine to earn coins. You must advance through more than 400 levels by building villages, attacking villages, looting them, and more. Developed by Moon Active, the game has over 100 million downloads with a high rating on the Play Store.

The game offers coins, the in-game currency you require to build your village to level up, repair them, and so on. There are also pets helping to protect your village, increasing attacks or rewards from raids. It provides all players with a certain number of free spins every hour. However, they are not enough to advance through levels quickly. But do not fret; in this article, you will find all the valuable information on earning free spins in Coin Master.

Follow these steps to get Free Spins in Coin Master


Coin Master offers multiple methods to earn free spins, from finishing villages to inviting friends and even requesting them. The title also gives the option to purchase them through the in-app store. Developers also provide links containing free spins and rewards through official social media accounts. Here are all the ways to earn free spins in Coin Master:

Waiting for free spins

Much like dice in Monopoly GO, you can wait for free spins. The highest number of spins a player can hold is 50, and you get five free spins every hour. This method can earn you a maximum of 50 spins in ten hours.

Inviting friends

Inviting friends to play Coin Master will reward you with free spins. However, obtaining the rewards depends on whether the invitees download the game for the first time. Additionally, you get free spins for up to 250 friends you invite.

Go to the Friends icon and click the Friends tab to make the Invite Friends window appear. You will see two invite buttons, a green one and a blue one. Clicking on the green invite icon allows you to send an invitation any way you like. Additionally, clicking the blue invite icon sends an invitation through Facebook Messenger.

Collecting from friends

The game also allows you to collect free spins from friends. You can send one free spin daily to each friend or receive one from them. However, the game limits this amount to 100 free spins daily.

Click on the Main Menu, go to Gifts, tap Collect All, and get free spins.

Requesting your team

You can create a team or join one in Coin Master, where you can chat, trade cards, or request spins. Each team consists of up to 50 players, and they can give you free spins. The game allows you to make one request every eight hours, earning ten free spins per request. The team feature unlocks after you reach village level 10.

Participating in events


This adventure game hosts events frequently packed with special rewards upon completion. You can see the event details by checking a button below the Main Menu icon on the Main Screen. There are multiple events at once; if not, there is always at least one event. These events are generous, and you earn plenty of coins and more spins than usual.

Finishing your village

The village represents your in-game level, and you continuously build villages to level up. You construct five items in every village and upgrade them to finish one. The process requires spending plenty of coins, but finishing them grants special rewards. Mostly these rewards will be free spins.

Following the game's accounts on social media platforms

The game's developers are generous, providing free spins and coins daily. They post a video or photo puzzle containing a link on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Clicking the link opens the app bestowing you free spins and coins daily. The rewards from these links in Coin Master accounts are redeemable only once.

These are the best and most guaranteed ways to earn free spins in Coin Master. However, there are also other ways to earn free spins. For instance, you receive free spins daily by signing your email into the game. Completing each in-game card set will also reward you with free spins.

Additionally, landing on three energy spin symbols in the slot machine rewards you with free spins. Coin Master is a popular Android game that makes your free and boring time fun and entertaining.

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