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How to get the Gun Master medal in COD Mobile Season 2

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
Modified 30 Mar 2021

The Gun Master medal is a reward to players for their excellence and strength in killing enemies in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile offers multiplayer modes with special features like achievements, titles, and medals. These describe a player’s skill set and how far along they have progressed in the game.

Out of the 85 medals in COD Mobile, 42 can be acquired in the Multiplayer mode and 27 can be earned only in Battle Royale mode. Players can earn them by completing specific tasks in-game. Players can also earn a small amount of XP by unlocking these medals. However, some special medals also reward unique items like Characters, skins, weapon cards, etc.

The Gun Master medal is a BR exclusive medal. To earn this medal, players need to secure more than eight kills in a single game in Battle Royale mode.

Image Via COD Mobile
Image Via COD Mobile

Steps to earn the Gun Master medal in COD Mobile:

Players should follow these steps to earn the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile Season 2.

Step 1: Gather a squad with friends. It will help to survive and increases the chances to obtain more than 8 kills in a single game. However, players can solo-queue as well.

Step 2: Select the BR map and start the game. Make sure it is not in Warfare mode, since this medal is not available in Warfare mode.


Step 3: Kill 8 or more enemies in the game. Players need to play the whole match to earn the Gun Master medal.

Earning a Gun Master medal is very easy if the player has the necessary skills. Apart from this, players have to be smart while playing the map, and they should also be able to think on their feet and change their strategies as the game progresses.

Players can earn multiple such medals in-game. Players can use SMGs for close combat-engagements. Utilities like Grenades and flashbangs are also helpful for getting multiple kills at a time.

Players will get 'Scout-Ripped Camo' and 2000 Battle Pass XP from the 'BR Buff' mission in the Seasonal event in COD Mobile Season 2.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 20:42 IST
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