How to get the K9 Unit Operator Skill in COD Mobile

The K9 Unit was introduced in Season 5 (Image via Activision)
The K9 Unit was introduced in Season 5 (Image via Activision)

Anyone playing COD Mobile in Season 6 will notice the amount of K9 Units that are running through each game. They are deadly and can be a serious problem for teams that don't take notice.

Skills and streaks like the K9 Unit have been in many Call of Duty games before, and it was only a matter of time before it made its way to COD Mobile.

This version of the K9 Unit is an Operator Skill that made an appearance in Black Ops 4. This means that players can earn it by simply playing through a match and earning points.

Unfortunately, in Season 6, the K9 Unit is unavailable to unlock if players haven't already done so last season. However, that may change if the Operator Skill is introduced through the store or as a challenge to unlock.

Eventually the K9 Unit will be usable in a game with enough effort, but players need to have it unlocked and equipped in their loadout first. After Season 5 came to an end in COD Mobile, getting a hold of the K9 Unit has become more complicated.

How to obtain the K9 Unit Operator Skill in COD Mobile in Season 6


The K9 Unit was introduced to COD Mobile during Season 5, which was the previous season. When it was released, it was a part of the Battle Pass for that season, and players needed to reach tier 14 to unlock it. It was a free aspect of the pass that players could unlock, but that changed with the introduction of Season 6.

For anyone that didn't play COD Mobile while the K9 Unit was in the Battle Pass, they may need to wait until more information is provided. At this point in Multiplayer specifically, the K9 Unit simply has a description urging players to "Stay Tuned" for an unlock. Perhaps there will be a challenge linked to it, or it will be available for purchase in the store, but no word has yet been given to anyone that didn't unlock the skill.

Another way to utilize the K9 Unit though would be to play the Battle Royale mode. If players select the Clown class, the K9 Unit has replaced the zombies that were once summoned with the class. It's not the same as earning the Operator Skill in Multiplayer, but it's an easy way to use the K9 Unit for anyone that plays Battle Royale.

As for effectiveness, the K9 Unit in COD Mobile can kill enemies with a single bite, but it can also be killed fast. However, considering the damage and the passive ability of the dogs, it's worth getting a hold of.

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