How to get Melmetal in Pokemon GO

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Image via Sportskeeda
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Melmetal is quite a rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO. To acquire this Pokemon, trainers need to have a Pokemon Home account.

Melmetal can be evolved from Meltan, which is also pretty rare in Pokemon GO. To evolve the Meltan into a Melmetal, trainers will have to feed it around 400 Meltan candies.


Commonly known as the Hex Nut Pokemon, Melmetal is a pretty powerful Pokemon. Its Steel typing makes it a very formidable opponent against Bug, Fairy, and Dragon-Type Pokemon.

How to get Melmetal in Pokemon GO

As mentioned before, trainers will need to have a Pokemon Home account to acquire this Pokemon. Pokemon Home is a subscription-based service that allows trainers to transfer Pokemon from one supported game to another.

Subscribing to Pokemon Home will reward trainers with a mystery box. This can be found in the inventory.


Trainers can activate this mystery box once every 72 hours. Activating this device will cause Meltan to spawn for an hour straight.

Feeding Pinap berries to these spawning Meltans will make the job of a trainer easier when it comes to evolving them. Trainers can also transfer all the Meltans THAT don't have a good IV to Professor Willow. This also awards trainers with candies.


Once trainers have finished acquiring the said 400 candies, they can evolve the Meltan into Melmetal. Trainers can encounter a shiny Meltan in this process as well.

The shiny Meltan has been removed from the game for the time being, though. Trainers won't be coming across any shiny Meltan for now.

This status might change later on, so trainers might want to keep this process in mind when they want to get their hands on a shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO.

Although this process is very tedious, the grind is totally worth it because Melmetal is a Pokemon worth acquiring in Pokemon GO.

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