How to get your Merit level higher in Tower of Fantasy

A screenshot of Tower of Fantasy's Battle Pass (Image via Perfect World)
A screenshot of Tower of Fantasy's Battle Pass (Image via Perfect World)

The hit open-world MMO, Tower of Fantasy, has finally added western servers. Fans of the genre are getting their chance to play the popular RPG for themselves. Now that the game has come to the western world, players have begun to analyze its content to see everything it has to offer.

Like many other modern free-to-play releases, this title is filled with optional microtransactions with various cosmetics and items for players to purchase. One of the many things players can buy is the ever-present premium Battle Pass that players see in games like Fortnite, Valorant, and many more.

However, some of the terminology Tower of Fantasy uses for its premium rewards system has left many players confused. One of these is the use of the term "Merit," which isn't seen in other Battle Passes.

Understanding Tower of Fantasy's Battle Pass: Merit EXP

Official imagery for Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)
Official imagery for Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

Of course, as many players expected, the Battle Pass for Tower of Fantasy remains consistent with the industry standard. Players can progress through the game, complete missions, and gain XP to earn rewards. Players wanting to take this to the next level can opt for the premium version as well.

This premium version is also consistent with prior games. This variant of the Battle Pass rewards players with even more rewards and cosmetics than the free one for a small fee. However, this Battle Pass sets itself apart by using the term "Merit EXP" in its description. So how does this impact the experience?

In all honesty, this does not impact the rate at which players can complete the Battle Pass. A lot of free-to-play games with this mechanic feature alternative XP players need to gain to level up the Battle Pass. This is the case for Merit EXP. Players can increase their Merit level by following the directions given.


The game tells players that they can complete weekly activities to increase their Merit level. These "weekly activities" can be viewed from the game's "weekly" section in the adventure menu, which is unlocked by making progress in the game.

There is another way to increase one's Merit without completing tasks. Players can accomplish this by purchasing levels directly for the Battle Pass. A majority of Battle Passes allow players to do this, so this should not surprise anybody. However, this is not typically recommended and can be a bit expensive as the cost for each rank increase tends to add up quickly.

To summarize, Merit levels can be earned and increased by completing one of Tower of Fantasy's many activities. These tasks refresh weekly, giving players lots of time to complete each of them and make their way through the Battle Pass levels. Players can also choose to increase Merit directly by purchasing it in the Battle Pass menu.

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