How to upgrade your weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Growing stronger with each battle (Image via Perfect World)
Growing stronger with each battle (Image via Perfect World)

Tower of Fantasy is a new science fiction MMO that seeks to dethrone Genshin Impact. The game features a ton of characters, weapons, and pieces of gear for every player to choose from.

Pulling for characters is the go-to way to get stronger in games like this, but there are other achievements on the line as well. Players will be up against constant enemy camps, so they'll have to grow stronger to keep up. Keeping every blade as sharp as possible is key to enjoying the game.

Upgrading weaponry in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy requires players to keep track of a ton of different aspects. Forms of currency drops from enemies, pickups from wildlife, pulls from the slot machine, and more. Coupled with that, upgrading weapons will be a recurring necessity.

To put resources into upgrading a weapon, players will need to open the Weapons menu on the top-right of the screen. Pick one of the weapons currently equipped for the party or head to the warehouse to pick a different one.

An Upgrade option will appear in the lower left, and this will bring the player to the proper menu. From the menu, the upgrade materials will be arranged on the left side of the screen.

Players can pick Select All to put everything into a weapon or pick and choose individual pieces. After that, select Enhance and pay a small fee in gold to upgrade the weapon. Players can mash this button until they run out of either resource.

Augmenting weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Eventually, players will reach an upgrade cap with every weapon in Tower of Fantasy. Thankfully, there is a way to push past that assigned limit and continue to make every weapon stronger.

The process to Augment a weapon is essentially the same as upgrading it, as it takes place in the same menu. Players can go through the same steps, but they'll need very different materials to make it happen.

Shards such as Magcore, Firecore, or Rockcore can be used to Augment a weapon. They correspond to the elemental type of a specific weapon, making it important to find specific pieces to keep upgrading weapons.

To get these shards, players will have to mine elemental and crystal ore outposts throughout the world. These shining gems are color coded to their type and can be found all over the open-world environment.

Shards can also be bought by certain weapon vendors for a strange currency called Black Gold. Players only get Black Gold when they acquire duplicates of a particular weapon, which happens frequently.

Simulacra weapons, special tools that can generally only be pulled from the game's rotating market, can be upgraded even further beyond. This process is called Ascension, and it will vastly improve a Simulacra weapon's stats.

Tower of Fantasy includes plenty of easy ways to make a weapon more powerful. All players have to do is gather the necessary items and go into the menu.