Genshin Impact competitor Tower of Fantasy releases today: Rewards, release time, and more

Tower of Fantasy has finally been released (Image via Tower of Fantasy)
Tower of Fantasy has finally been released (Image via Tower of Fantasy)

Tower of Fantasy is one of Genshin Impact's biggest competitors, and it has finally been released on PC and Mobile today. Players from around the world can begin a new adventure in the massive world that Tower of Fantasy offers and even play online with other fans. This game offers a degree of customizability that Genshin doesn't have, making it appealing to gamers who enjoy playing through an adventure with their own unique characters.

Players can find out more about the game's release here, including information about rewards, timings, and more.

Tower of Fantasy: Release time, rewards, and more


Tower of Fantasy boasts a ton of incredible features, including a huge world to explore, enhanced multiplayer features, and a wide range of character customization. There are also a ton of characters and weapons to summon, making this game quite intriguing for gacha enthusiasts. Players will want to make sure they give it a try, and with the game just having been released on PC, Android, and iOS, there are plenty of opportunities to play the exciting new title.

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The new game was released on August 10 in many places around the world, and players can look forward to logging into the game at these times:

  • US PST - August 10, 5:00 pm
  • US EST - August 10, 8:00 pm
  • UTC - August 11, 12:00 am
  • British Standard Time - August 11, 1:00 am

Starter rewards

We prepared plenty of release events and rewards for you for the #TowerofFantasy official launch!πŸš€ Claim 59 pull items, a free SSR Relic + weapon selection box, and more!πŸ€‘See the link in the comments for details! Download #ToF from your store or our official website now!

The Starter Rewards for the launch of this game are quite good, with players receiving up to 59 draws for the game's gacha. Along with these free draws, players will receive an SSR weapon of their choice, along with an SSR relic of their choice. These two pieces of equipment will make battling a lot easier and can make the early leveling up a breeze. Players will definitely want to make sure they pick the right choice when selecting their free reward.

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Players will also gain 10 limited items over the course of the release, and these rewards will be greatly beneficial for the future. Players will want to make sure they begin as soon as possible if they want to gather all of the rewards. The rewards will help jumpstart a new account and can help players create lasting memories in the new game.

Gameplay overview


Tower of Fantasy is an open-world adventure game that can be played with a huge community of fellow gamers. It has an anime style that makes the game's fast and fluid combat stand out, and it even features a character creation system that fans can use to create their ideal avatar.

Fans will also be able to summon on the game's gacha system, giving them the ability to gather even more powerful characters to explore the game's massive world with. Gamers who tried Genshin Impact and enjoyed its gameplay will definitely want to give Tower of Fantasy a try, as it can be a fun and unique experience for those wanting a new game to play.

Genshin Impact's latest competitor has finally been released, and fans can enjoy the journey on PC and Mobile.

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