How to get to Phantomwing Island in Lost Ark

Players of Lost Ark can access the Phantomwing Island when it is available in the Adventure Islands rotation (Image via TengAlt+0214/YouTube)
Players of Lost Ark can access the Phantomwing Island when it is available in the Adventure Islands rotation (Image via TengAlt+0214/YouTube)

There are many different locations that players are free to explore in the world of Lost Ark. Some of these special locations are on Adventure Islands. These islands are time-limited locations, and players will need to wait until they appear in the world. Phantomwing Island is one of these Adventure Islands. Here is how players can reach Phantomwing Island and get its special token.

This is how players can get to Phantomwing Island in Lost Ark


There is a special way players can decode which Adventure Islands are going to be available each day, and it involves checking their Procyon's Compass, which can be located under the mini-map. In it, players can see which Adventure Islands are currently available to explore. Players can also check the chat window to see if other players have spotted the island they are currently seeking.

The first thing that players are going to need to do to unlock any of the islands is unlocking the ability to sail ships. This can be done when a player reaches level 50, but they must also have an item level of 250 to be able to sail. Once these requirements are met, the player should check their Procyon's Compass to see if the Phantomwing Island is available. If it is, then it is time to set sail.

Charting the course to Phantomwing Island


Once players have the ability to sail and the island is available, it's time to head out. Probably the most straightforward way to get there is from Papunika. Players will need to head towards the Eye of Hypnos and go just a bit past it to locate the island. This special island is located just north of Papunika and southeast of Rohendel.

How to get the Island Token on Phantomwing Island

When players make it to Phantomwing Island, they will need to speak with Melissa to begin gathering traces of butterflies. After this, players will speak with Adrinne, who will ask them to collect plants. Once finished, they will need to retrieve her sword. Upon doing this quest, players will need to divert to another quest to find 20 Phantomwings. Once completed, they will face the island's boss, Adrinne.


It is recommended that you fight Adrinne with a group. Players will need to fight her through three different phases. Each phase changes as she spawns a tornado and transports players to the next location. Upon defeating her final phase, she will drop a few different items, such as a card of Adrinne, a secret map, and of course, the Island Token.

Players may need to defeat her a few times, as the items she drops are subject to change.

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