How to get Plusle and Minun in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO gives players a chance at catching several Generation III Pokemon, including Plusle and Minun.

The plus and minus pair are much more difficult to catch in Pokemon GO than the other seven creatures that play a part in the challenge.


Thankfully, simply encountering them in the wild isn't the only way to get a hold of these two. The Electric-type duo are a must to complete the challenge, however, so venture out and get them.

How to get Plusle and Minun in Pokemon GO

Viewing the surrounding Pokemon in-game is the easiest way to spot a potential encounter. If either Plusle or Minun appear at a specific PokeStop or landmark, go there immediately. This is the best chance to catch on in Pokemon GO.

They will also be part of a special Field Research Task encounter. During the Hoenn Collection Challenge, players can get a "Catch 11 Pokemon" task in Pokemon GO. It is random, however, so if the spun PokeStop does not provide it, go to another and spin again.

The "Catch 11 Pokemon" Field Research Task will provide a Pokemon encounter. During the challenge, this encounter is guaranteed to be either Plusle or Minun. Some players believe they are locked to this encounter and are hoping for increased spawn rates in the wild.

If spinning PokeStops for the appropriate Field Research Task is doable, that may be the best option to catch either Plusle or Minun in Pokemon GO. Spin them all and complete "Catch 11 Pokemon" until both of them are caught.

Just be weary of repeats in the encounter. Plusle could randomly appear each time the encounter is triggered. Minun could just as well. That part is completely random and requires just a bit of luck on the part of the Pokemon GO trainer.

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