How to get on top of the Summit Tower in COD Mobile Season 1 New Order

COD Mobile Summit Map
COD Mobile Summit Map
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COD Mobile, a battle royale game, is one of the most uber-popular titles in recent times.

The game is all about eliminating the enemies and surviving till the end. A player needs both gun skills as well as surviving skills to win the game.

COD Mobile also offers a Multiplayer mode so that players can switch and play through different modes.

COD Mobile Season 1 New Order
COD Mobile Season 1 New Order

COD Mobile can also be played with friends so that they can enjoy the game and explore new tricks together.

Climbing to the top of the Summit Tower has been a popular trend in COD Mobile. It also provides players with the advantage of staying at a height during a fight.

Players can learn more about the Summit Map here:

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Step-by-step guide for climbing the Summit Tower in COD Mobile

Players face some difficulties while climbing the Summit Tower in COD Mobile. Here is a step-by-step guide to climbing effortlessly in the game.

Step 1: Go to the Guerilla Base; the Summit Tower is in this area.

Step 2: Go to Control Room 2 - 2F.

Step 3: Jump on one of the computers/systems, preferably near the wired scaffolding.

Step 4: Jump on to the wired scaffolding. Post that, the player will be able to see the Summit Tower.

Step 5: While on the scaffolding, the player needs to equip a knife in hand to run at the maximum speed towards the tower. It will give the player a maximum velocity to jump.

Step 6: While running, the player needs to keep a note of the scaffolding's edge and make a jump from the edge of the scaffolding.

Step 7: After the jump, the player will land on the Summit Tower.

Players can check out this video to know more about climbing the Summit Tower in COD Mobile:


In COD Mobile, players need to have great knowledge of their surroundings as the enemies can catch them while performing these tricks. They also need to make sure that no enemy is on the Summit Tower, or else it can be the end of the journey for them.

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