How to get and use Bones in Hades 2

bones in hades 2
Farm more bones in Hades 2 (Image via Supergiant Games)

Bones in Hades 2 is one of the more important currencies that you will need to keep an eye out, for during your runs in Hades 2. You can use this resource to buy various resources from the Wretched Broker.

However, if you want to get your hands on some of the high-tier and uncommon items then you must have a good amount of Bones to purchase them with. But getting these Bones is easier said than done.

Hence, today’s Hades 2 guide will go over how you can get an efficient Bone arming system going during each of your runs.

Best ways to get Bones in Hades 2

Here are some of the best ways of getting Bones in Hades 2:

1) Complete encounters

Encounters are one of the best ways of acquiring more Bones. As you progress, you will often encounter difficult enemies along the way, and defeating them will net you a fair amount of the resources.

2) Hit the doors with the bone symbol

When picking a door to proceed, you will often find a Bone symbol on it. While this next area may not guarantee a lot of Bones, it will still provide you with better RNG for getting a good amount of them.

3) Unlock the Gathering of Ancient Bones Incantation

The Gathering of Ancient Bones Incantation will highlight certain weapons during your run. If you pick that weapon they will provide you with a significant increase in Bones drop rate during encounters.

Consistently using these weapons will help you get a lot of Bones in no time.

4) Trade plants for Bones

As you make your way further into the narrative you will be able to acquire plants in the game. Turn in these plants for bones at the Wretched Broker.

How to use Bones in Hades 2

Bones are one of the rarer currencies in the game. Hence, the best way to use them will be to purchase high-tier and rare items from the Wretched Broker. You can get stuff like Nectar, Fate Fabric, and more.

Each of these is also available in limited quantities at the vendor. So, if players want to get everything they can, they will need to grind for Bones across the various biomes in Hades 2.

After a brief early access period, Hades 2 is available on PC via Steam.

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