What is the fastest way to get VC in NBA2K21


VC, or 'Virtual Currency', is as important as ever in NBA2K21. There are very few things you can do without coming across it in your day to day gaming, as both the major modes - MyTeam and MyCareer, heavily rely on it to gain fast progression.

VC allows you to upgrade your MyPlayer and customize him in many different ways, be it looks, celebrations, or animations. In NBA2K21 MyTeam, the best way to find players to improve your dream team is to open packs, using either MyTeam points or, as you may have guessed, VC.

While it is possible and easy to buy VC through microtransactions, this isn't always the most affordable option, as a decent amount of VC can become quite expensive. So today we will look at the fastest ways to gain VC in NBA2K21.

What is the fastest way to get VC in NBA2K21

#3: MyCareer

MyCareer will always be one of the fastest ways to earn VC in the game and it is no different in NBA2K21. MyCareer has been 2K's main attraction for the previous 5 of so years, so their microtransaction system is built around those that play this mode. This means that it is also one of the best ways to earn VC.

While not all modes allow you to earn VC (like MyTeam), playing MyCareer will guarantee you earn VC, no matter how you perform. A base contract in the NBA will be giving you at minimum 500 VC per game, on top of any extra statistical bonuses you may receive for your performance throughout.

Another great thing about MyCareer is the sponshership deals that have come into the game as of the recent years. It is a simple system that rewards high performing players through gaining fans, which then unlocks certain sponsorship deals where you can haggle how much VC you will earn per endorsement deal.

To make the most out of this system, while playing MyCareer games, you can focus on building your fan base. This is done mainly by breaking records, making highlight plays, like dunks or three pointers, or just simply winning games. All of these boost the amount of fans you get, therefore improving the amount of sponsorship deals you get, which will then result in more VC.

#2: Ante Up

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A mode that is somewhat connected to MyCareer is Ante Up. This is where you take your MyPlayer to verse and wager others to gain a decent amount of VC.

You can wager as low as 500 or up into the 10s of thousands per game, depending on how confident you are in yourself and your teammates. While this cleary is not the safest option to earn VC, it is definitely one of the fastest, if not the fastest, option there is.

While it is an easy way to double large amounts of VC within 10-15 minutes depending on game length, it can just as easily swing the other way, at which point you'll end up with 0 VC left within the hour. Be careful if persuing this option for your quick and 'easy' VC.

What is the fastest way to get VC in NBA2K21

#1: The Blacktop

NBA2K21 Blacktop
NBA2K21 Blacktop

In NBA2K21, getting VC is incredibly easy and efficient to do on the Blacktop, if you don't mind mindlessly grinding out the same things for hours on end.

It has been discovered that you get roughly 200 VC per blacktop game you play. By following certain settings, you can minimise the time it takes to play these games, thereby maximising the amount of VC you will earn in the span.

To do this you have to edit your settings and rosters to first make one incredible overpowered 7' 7" tall player, with basically maxed out everything. You will then have to customise another player to be horrible at everything and 5'4" - the smallest someone can be in the game.

Once you have done this, you can then go to your game sliders settings and turn or your settings all the way up, while simultaneously making all of the CPU sliders as low as possible. This way you'll almost never miss a shot during your games on the Blacktop, and the CPU will never be outscoring you.

Once the settings and players have been adjusted, you can then go to the Blacktop, download your new changed roster, select the players you edited and change the Blacktop score to first to 5. All that is left to do after this, is play as many games as you like, as fast as you like, to earn as much VC as you like.

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