How to glitch through walls in Roblox (2021)

Roblox written above a cityscape. (Image via
Roblox written above a cityscape. (Image via

Clever Roblox players have the ability to glitch through walls by utilizing a perfectly timed emote.

Glitch hunting is one of the most tried and true pastimes in video game history. Generations of players have consistently desired to find a way to do things that others cannot do in a video game.

Well, Roblox players have discovered one of these coveted glitches by learning how to clip through walls with a precisely timed emote. This glitch will allow players to get out of bounds or through walls that they otherwise would be unable to get through.

The glitch itself can come in handy when playing various Roblox games and give players who know how to perform it a distinct advantage over other players.

This article will be breaking down how Roblox players can clip through walls by using a glitch in 2021.

How to glitch through walls in Roblox (2021)


The glitch that Roblox players can use to clip through walls is known as a dance clip, which will allow them to shimmy through walls. Performing this glitch can be a bit tricky, so players may need to practice it a few times before they are successful.

To serve as a visual aide, an entire YouTube video that breaks down how to perform the glitch can be found above.

The steps for executing the glitch are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to Roblox

Step 2: Find a game, map, or area that is suitable for practicing the glitch. Players will need to use a wall that is between 0.1 - 0.8 studs thick.

Step 3: Walk up to the wall as close as possible, Roblox players should snug up right next to it.

Step 4: Go into settings and turn Shift Lock on.

Step 5: Close the settings window and press the shift key, while the camera has been tilted to be above the player's head.

Step 6: While remaining close to the wall, Roblox players should move their character slightly to the right.

Step 7: Without moving the character, players need to then move screen angle of the right side of their character as well.

Step 8: Type /e dance2.

Step 9: Press the shift key once the animation for dancing has stopped.

Roblox players who followed these steps correctly, will have successfully executed the glitch!

Roblox players should not be discouraged if they do not nail the glitch on the first try. Stay determined and keep practicing!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that this glitch continues to work, and there is always the potential that it gets patched and fixed.

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