How to grow Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley

Guide to growing Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley (Image via u/Disappearing-Witch on Reddit)
Guide to growing Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley (Image via u/Disappearing-Witch on Reddit)
Riddhima Pal

The Mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley is considered to be one of the most important ones in the game. That's because the tree serves many different functions and can help in crafting many different kinds of DIY items in the game.


However, not many players know the correct process of locating the seeds for a Mahogany Tree and then growing it. This article is a guide to the correct procedure of finding and planting Mahogany trees.

How to plant Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley

Mahogany trees were added to Stardew Valley with the 1.5 update, which seems to be focused primarily on creating challenging content for veteran players. Consequently, planting a Mahogany tree in Stardew Valley is also slightly more challenging than any other tree.

Mahogany Trees can only be planted by using Mahogany seeds. Naturally, players must know where they can acquire these seeds. Here are all the ways to acquire Mahogany seeds in Stardew Valley:

  • Collecting the seeds scattered around fully grown Mahogany trees
  • Chopping down Mahogany trees
  • Chopping down stumps
  • Killing slimes that can be spotted in the Secret Woods
  • Mahogany sees can also be found inside a golden coconut, so cracking one open can yield players the seeds
  • Buying Mahogany seeds from the Island Trader for one stingray

Mahogany seeds are golden yellow in color and of oblong shape. They look quite different from the other seeds available in the game, so they are fairly easy to spot. Furthermore, they can be found in abundance in the game if players know where to look.


Once players have found and acquired Mahogany seeds, they simply need to plant these seeds to grow Mahogany trees on their islands. They grow at a similar rate to most other trees in Stardew Valley. However, using a Tree Fertilizer can enhance their growth rate manifold.

A fully grown Mahogany Tree can yield many useful items for players, such as hardwood, more Mahogany seeds, as well as crafting items for many DIY items in Stardew Valley.

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