How do you join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy?

Party up to succeed (Image via Perfect World)
Party up to succeed (Image via Perfect World)

Tower of Fantasy takes the Genshin Impact formula, adds a science fiction aesthetic and brings it to the world of MMO. Players can get all the fun of gambling for their favorite characters and taking on camps of enemies alongside their friends.

The multiplayer element of the game is one of the most important aspects that sets it apart from the competition. Players will love exploring the hostile alien world with friends and encountering other explorers. Furthermore, they can join parties of adventurers called crews that allow them to face the game's cooperative modes together.

Joining or creating a crew in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy players might find themselves looking for a team of fellow adventurers to help them along. They won't be able to party up right away, but once it's unlocked, it's easy to do.

Players will have to reach level five to unlock crew gameplay modes. This won't take too long, but it does force them to take on the early tutorial mechanics all on their own before moving ahead.

After reaching level five and completing the tutorial, players will discover the Crew button in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on that to set to work discovering a crew.

Players can browse through the existing crews to find one worth joining. To join an existing crew, they will have to put in a request. From there, it's up to them whether anyone can get into the group.

If players are struggling to find a crew worth joining or dealing with too many rejections, they can make their own. The Crew menu features the Create Crew button, which will summon a pop-up menu. It'll cost a whopping 500 Dark Crystals to make a crew, so make sure some folks are willing to join before blowing the cash.

Players must name their crew and add a description, as well as a logo that must be picked from a list. From thereon, they can invite others to their crew or wait for newcomers to apply to fill the ranks.

Playing with a crew in Tower of Fantasy

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Crews are essentially Tower of Fantasy's answer to Guilds in any other MMORPG. They contain up to 150 players, feature their own store, and allow one to build unique points for crew activities.

The crew store is one of many ways to get the game's countless currency types and crafting materials. By working as a team, individual players can get the items they need to unlock more characters and weapons.

Furthermore, having a crew allows them to have an easier time recruiting a team to explore the world together. With up to 150 players arranged in the massive ranks, one can put out a call for friends and take on group activities together.

Tower of Fantasy is a multiplayer game and many of its best gameplay features are only accessible through playing with friends. A crew is one of the best ways to enjoy the game's full bounty.

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