How to find Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Earn the premium currency for free (Image via Perfect World)
Earn the premium currency for free (Image via Perfect World)

Tower of Fantasy throws its hat into the competitive ring of MMORPG games with all the Gacha aspects fans love and hate. Comparisons to Genshin Impact have been extremely common, but there's more to this game than being a sci-fi imitation of miHoYo's smash hit.

The game features a similar economy to its peers, and remains free to download. Boasting a robust gambling system, fans can put down cash on their chances of unlocking their favorite characters. They will typically get what they want through microtransactions, but it is possible to earn a bit of currency.

Earning Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy features a lot of challenges players can take on throughout their experience. Many of them offer rewards, often in the form of a few Dark Crystals to add to one's collection.

Dark Crystals can be used to purchase a variety of items directly from the in-game store. Earning these glowing rocks is almost always a consequence of the basic functions of the game, so it's an easy process.

A ton of quests feature Dark Crystal rewards between five and twenty at their completion. Achievements also have a similar payout rate, often requiring players to slay specific enemies.

Exploring the world will gradually unveil pieces of the map, and certain percentages will grant the player Dark Crystals. Wandering around also gives the player the chance to solve puzzles and open chests, which may give them more Dark Crystals.

With that being said, the biggest payouts come from the game's battle pass. Every five days of consistent login will payout 20 Dark Crystals. Coupled with that, completing a player's weekly activity bar will pay out a whopping 350 each week.

Looking at the monthly pass, the free tier will grant the player a total of 150 Dark Crystals. Furthermore, upon reaching the Grand Marshal rank in PVP, they'll get 500 Dark Crystals.

Finally, players can compete in Battle Royales to rack up Dark Crystals every month. The system will pay off with another 500 Dark Crystals in this three-month event.

Spending Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy requires its players to spend wisely, or they'll have a hard time earning what they want. Some uses of Dark Crystals are better than others, and it won't hurt to save some for later.

The proper Gacha currencies in the game are called Nucleus, and they come in a variety of colors. Players can use the Dark Crystals to buy these items, earning them more pulls for the character they want to win.

With that being said, they are advised to save most, if not all, of the Dark Crystals they earn early on. Nucleus are fairly easy to come by in the early game, but they will become less frequent moving forward. In addition, buying gold with Dark Crystals is largely a waste.

Dark Crystals will be available to players throughout most of Tower of Fantasy's normal gameplay elements. Just explore the world and play the game often to rack up as many as possible.

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