Asmongold provides his views on Tower of Fantasy, claims it’s a “pay-to-win gacha game”

Asmongold provides his take on Tower of Fantasy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Asmongold provides his take on Tower of Fantasy (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" started playing the newly released free-to-play game Tower of Fantasy on his alternative Twitch account Zackrawrr and provided his views on the title on August 11.

After playing and streaming it for more than eight hours, Zack claimed that it was a "pay-to-win gacha game" and expanded upon the rationale provided during the closing moments of the broadcast.

Asmongold talks about Tower of Fantasy and gives his initial impressions

Tower of Fantasy is a newly released open-world multiplayer game launched on PC and mobile devices, and it's developed by Perfect World. The game is also considered to be one of the biggest competitors for the widely popular miHoYo title, Genshin Impact.

Following its release on August 11, the World of Warcraft gamer took to his alternative Twitch channel to try out the game and ended up playing it for several hours.

Zack provided his take on the gameplay at the eight-hour mark of his stream and started by saying that the PvP aspect of the game was not much of a pay-to-win system and mentioned:

"The PvP, okay so like, the PvP is not really pay-to-win, however there are certain characters and weapons that are very good, and if you pay to win, you have an advantage to get those characters and those weapons, right, and so, you can get them faster. So, if you're just doing PvP, it's not that big of a deal."

Timestamp: 08:18:51

Asmongold then shifted to talking about the PvE side of the game and claimed that it was "not really hard." He said:

"Also, it seems so far that a lof of the PvE content is not really hard. So, it doesn't really matter if you have like, really good gear because the content is a joke anyway. However, I don't think that's like... Like that's one bad thing is not as bad because of another bad thing. So, it's not like this is a big plus for me."

He continued further by saying that he'll play more and get to the higher levels to finally decide if he plans on continuing the adventure:

"Yeah, it's a double negative, exactly, and so, I'll probably play it a little bit more, get to max levels, see what's it like, and then that's... You know, I'll decide if I want to play it after that."

Asmongold's eye caught a message from a Twitch chatter stating:

"No need to cope, all content can be done as f2p kid."

The streamer replied by saying that people should make no mistake and claimed that Tower of Fantasy is a pay-to-win gacha game:

"Yeah, I think that does matter, like, it doesn't seem like this game has like, super f***ing pay-to-win elements, where it's like, you can't even get to max level unless you're spending money, or you know, anything like that. But make no mistake, this is a pay-to-win gacha game. Straight up, that's the fact! It's a pay-to-win gacha game and that's it. And so, that's important to keep that in mind."

The conversation continued as Asmongold mentioned that the bar of games has been lowered because people like playing pay-to-win games:

"The reason what lowered the bar is because people lowered the bar. A lot of people like playing pay-to-win games. That's why! It's not like its some kind of like, 'Oh, I wonder how this ever happened?,' like, 'Why are people doing this?,' it's because people like playing pay-to-win games. That's why."
Thoughts on Tower of Fantasy:-This is a P2W gatcha game with limited P2W in PvP-Story is ok. About the same quality as Lost Ark-Combat is decent, still getting used to it-World looks good.In general, a lot of A-B tier content with less S or F Tier content

Fans react to Asmongold's statements

Fans on Twitter provided their take on Asmongold's opinions on the game, and here are some of the most relevant fan comments:

@Asmongold -Story is ok. About the same quality as Lost Ark.That's not okay for me. Game does look interesting though.
@Asmongold Isn't it Tencent version of Genshin with laser swords and robots?
@Asmongold Tbh I'm just gonna play it because you can essentially make your own character and have fun combat. No point in spending money on it or looking for anything meaningful in it.
@Asmongold My first impression of the combat is that I dont even need to look at the screen and stuff dies. Does it become more challenging or is it just a cake walk?
@Asmongold Game got boring quick. Feels like a grindfest. Not quite as polished as Genshin in terms of art style. Enemies not too challenging. Combat feels meh. A 4/10 imo.
@Asmongold I'm enjoying it so far, glad you tried it out! Think sci fi is a good genre for MMOs and I like the fantasy/sci fi blend

Asmongold is an MMORPG enthusiast and has spent thousands of hours playing a wide array of multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, New World, and Final Fantasy XIV on his channel.

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