“Its uncomfortable to talk with and to just exist with” - Asmongold gives a health update and reveals why he has not been streaming

Asmongold has uploaded a new update video on his YouTube channel (Image via Asmongold/YouTube)
Asmongold has uploaded a new update video on his YouTube channel (Image via Asmongold/YouTube)

On July 31, Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" explained why he has taken a small hiatus from livestreaming and talked about some of the difficulties he has been facing in his personal life.

The World of Warcraft gamer took to his alternative Twitch channel Zackrawrr a few days back to share another update regarding his health and revealed why he has not yet returned to livestreaming on his main channel on the purple platform.

According to him, the dental surgery that was arranged for him ended up being too intense as he had three root canal surgeries done back-to-back in one day. Because of this, he was finding it difficult to talk and stated:

"It's just unpleasant, and like, it's uncomfortable to talk with and to just exist with, so, I'm looking to get that fixed as soon as possible, and as soon as that happens, you know, I'll be back and everything will be okay."

Asmongold explains why he has not been able to make a comeback on his main Twitch channel

Last month, Zack revealed that he had been going through a midlife crisis after a series of unpleasant circumstances occurred at the same time.

In a 16-minute long video titled "Where I've Been," the Austin, Texas-native stated that his car had to be taken in for maintenance, that his father's health was not up to the mark, and that the streamer lost a tooth during a lunch meeting with fellow OTK members.

Zack also revealed that he was due for dental surgery the following week and would resume streaming once he fully recovered.


Fast forward to August 5, Asmongold hosted a five-hour-long broadcast during which he provided another update regarding his livestreaming break. He started the address by saying:

"Basically, I got the... umm... the stuff done with my teeth. I guess I'll just pretty much say what's going on, is like, I got three root canals in one day. It was a very, very good time, I enjoyed myself a lot, and anyway."

Zack stated that some of his other teeth were damaged during the root canal process:

"In the process of that, some of my other teeth that were in kind of the front, they got damaged because they were so brittle and so f***ked up and so, obviously, you know, it's really great that this happened on Wednesday and then Thursday they closed early and Friday they're not open."

Due to the prolonged closure of the dental space, Asmongold was required to deal with the situation over the weekend. He mentioned that the procedure made it difficult for him to talk properly and that it was tough for him to speak while making the address video on stream.

The OTK co-founder explained the situation:

"It's basically like, so, you know how they make fake teeth? Well, they kind of like put the top half of some of my teeth back on and in the process of doing that, they created like ridges that like, catch my jaw, or like my lips whenever I speak or whenever I swallow or drink something or even eat something, and it catches it every single time, and so it's swelling up, and it's getting like a callous."

Asmongold emphasized that there is no set timeline for when everything will be completed, but he wished to finish this as quickly as possible.

Fans react to Asmongold's update video

The YouTube comment section featured more than 1,920 fan replies, with several stating that the Twitch streamer had inspired them to get their teeth done. Others claimed that this was the content creator's "healing arc":

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's video update (Images via Asmongold/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's video update (Images via Asmongold/YouTube)

Zack is one of the biggest MMORPG gamers on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform who has played and streamed titles like World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, Final Fantasy XIV, and The New World for hundreds of hours on his channel. He currently has 3,263,046 followers on Twitch and averages more than 50k viewers per stream.