How to join a specific server in New World

Every New World player must choose a server when they begin the game (Image via Amazon Game Studios)
Every New World player must choose a server when they begin the game (Image via Amazon Game Studios)

With the New World closed beta in full swing, plenty of players will be looking for a way to join a specific server. Luckily, the process is fairly simple but can be a major decision.

Every New World player must choose a server when they begin the game. They can do this by going to the main menu when the game starts and clicking on the bottom right corner.

From there, gamers will find an option to create a character in New World. Before they are brought to the whole character creation process, they will need to select a server.

Server options will be immediately listed, but not all of them will be visible at once. If users want to see other options available, they should use the drop-down for regions. According to the New World website, they can select any server they wish to play on, regardless of region.

It states:

"Currently, players can join any server, though you may experience latency issues if connecting to a distant server. We'll constantly monitor server performance and make adjustments as needed."

As mentioned, there will be latency problems the further away a server is to players. But the option is still there, and once they have decided on a specific server, they will be brought to the main character creation process.

Gamers must keep in mind that the characters will be permanently tied to one server.

Changing servers in New World and why players should choose the correct server first

As New World is new, players can only have characters on one server. This sets a bit of permanence when selecting a specific server in the game. Once a character is created in one server, it can't simply be transferred over to a new one at will.

In fact, gamers won't be able to go to a new server as long as that character exists. To join a new server, all previous characters in one section may need to be deleted to leave it, making the choice of the correct server first much more crucial.

However, it is still possible to leave servers if users deem it necessary. The requirement will be that they must delete all characters. They will then need to start the process all over again on new characters.

But a new server can be chosen before they begin a new journey in New World.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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