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How does the lore look after the Fortnite Season 6 live event

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 20 Mar 2021

The Fortnite Season 6 live event is nothing short of spectacular. It aptly made up for the lack of an end-of-season event in season 5. It was all quite unexpected. This is a trend that Epic Games may follow in the upcoming seasons of Fortnite as well.

The Fortnite Season 6 Live event showed how Jonesy planned to stand up against the Imagined Order for not responding to him and not doing anything about the unstable Zero Point.

He bypassed the Imagined Order and got in touch with The Seven, a.k.a. The Foundation leader. Together, the two are attempting to save reality from breaking down.

How do Jonesy and The Foundation plan on saving reality after the Fortnite Season 6 Live event?

The Foundation has managed to seal himself inside the Zero Point, stabilizing it for now. But that means The Foundation and Agent Jonesy are stuck within the loop.


The Fortnite Season 6 Live event raised a few pertinent questions. Agent Jonesy talks about Geno and the sisters. Who are these three individuals, and why are their identities being hidden? They are definitely not part of The Seven.

If the opposite was true, Agent Jonesy could have reached out to Geno and the sisters during the Fortnite Season 6 live event instead of calling The Foundation to the island.


There could be two possible answers. Geno and the sisters are probably the ones behind everything that's been going wrong on the island, or they could be the only ones to help normalize the Zero Point.

There is no official word about these three individuals' identities, but Epic Games may disclose the answer sooner or later.

In the Fortnite Season 6 Live event, Agent Jonesy defected from the Imagined Order by smashing his earpiece because he didn't want to take orders from them anymore. There's a possibility that the Imagined Order will do something to hinder any progress that The Foundation and Agent Jonesy are likely to make.


Finally, the Fortnite Season 6 Live event also hinted that the season's central theme might revolve around characters escaping the loop.

Given that Agent Jonesy and The Foundation are stuck in it, they'll do anything in their power to escape the loop. So there's a possibility that others may follow suit. The Batman Zero Point comics also hint at the same possibility.

Published 20 Mar 2021, 15:11 IST
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