Top 5 hidden rewards players can unlock in Fortnite Season 6

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}
Modified 19 Mar 2021
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Fortnite Season 6 launched this week and it features new weapons, skins, and plot developments for players to enjoy.

Whether players join a battle royale to explore or take the #1 spot, one thing that many have in common is the never-ending hunt for XP and rewards.

Top 5 hidden rewards players can unlock in Fortnite Season 6

#5 - Fortnite Season 6 skins

New character skins have been added that fit well with the main "Primal" theme of Fortnite Season 6.

Some dataminers have found code for skins that have yet to be released relating to The Foundation and a golden Lara Croft. However, a new skin that is readily available for loopers is the variant for Kitbash known as Catbash.

This robotic take on the beloved muscular, cat-like character is now available to players who already have Kitbash in their lockers. Should Kitbash be appearing in the item shop soon, this variant will likely come with it.

#4 - Fortnite Joy-Cons bundle

Many players may have spotted the new Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons that were announced the day before Fortnite Season 6 went live.

However, some loopers may have missed out on the loot that comes exclusively in this bundle, releasing June 4th of 2021.

These Joy-Cons featuring the signature Fortnite blue and a tribute to Peely also provide this Season's players with the Squad Sale Glider and the Electri-claw Pickaxe. Lastly, loopers will also get 500 V-Bucks with the bundle.

#3 - Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

Fortnite Season 6 players have likely seen rumors regarding the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe over the last year. However, it seems it is finally time for this new pickaxe to be released.

Players will likely have the opportunity to unlock this weapon during a currently-hidden Spring event, though it is not available just yet.

#2 - Fortnite Season 6 umbrella

Each Fortnite Season brings with it a themed umbrella that players can unlock by achieving a #1 Victory Royale. This season's umbrella, the Foundational Brella, is clearly related to the newly introduced member of The Seven, The Foundation.

While getting a #1 Victory Royale on a solo mission may seem difficult, Fortnite Season 6 players can also unlock this umbrella with the help of teammates in the Duos mode too.

#1 - 12,500 XP for pickaxing furtniture

Perhaps the easiest hidden reward to unlock within Fortnite Season 6 is the XP provided to players simply by breaking furniture with their pickaxe.

Dropping at Holly Hedges could {Image via TheLlamaSir on YouTube}
Dropping at Holly Hedges could {Image via TheLlamaSir on YouTube}

Loopers can earn a significant amount of XP by destroying beds, sofas, and chairs. Dropping into locations like Holly Hedges, which provides multiple houses and plenty of furniture, will allow players to achieve this hidden challenge while searching for weapons at the beginning of a game.

Whether players are looking to move through the battle pass quickly or simply aiminig to achieve a #1 Victory Royale, there are plenty of visible and hidden rewards along the way.

Published 19 Mar 2021
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