How to make armor plates in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

Armor in Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a fairly simple but important task for anyone attempting to make it to higher rounds.

The armor station is found in the same area as the Pack A Punch machine, and in similar fashion, it will require multiple purchases. The tier system has become a big part of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, and there are a few for armor itself. Armor is located on the dummy in the power room. There, players can interact with the dummy and will see a different currency value for each tier, along with a repair option.

Armor in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

In order to upgrade through the tiers of armor, salvage will need to be collected. There is default salvage and high grade salvage. They are also referred to as uncommon salvage and rare salvage. Both of them have different drop rates and quantities. Though they are both dropped by zombies upon death, uncommon salvage drops 50 at a time in each pick up, and the high grade salvage drops in 10.

Once some salvage is collected, it's time to get to the armor dummy and upgrade. The first two tier purchases for the armor require 500 salvage, then the second tier will cost 1,000 salvage. After that, the third tier is going to require a purchase through high grade salvage. Because of the rarity in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, the third tier will appear cheaper at 250, but it's important to remember that it's for the high grade salvage.

After purchasing all the tiers of armor, there are no more upgrades for that game of Black Ops Cold War Zombies. However, the armor can degrade and will need repair as the match goes on. There are a few ways of repairing armor. The armor dummy itself will have an option to repair armor to the right of the tier upgrades, which will cost 250 uncommon salvage.

Two other ways of repairing the armor are based on drops throughout the match in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The easiest way to repair armor is to get lucky enough for a carpenter drop. A carpenter drop will repair all the armor plates up to full, and there are no more worries for the time being. It's free and fast. Another way is to take out mini bosses. They aren't much of a choice, but upon defeat, they will drop a single plate of armor that will repair at least a portion.

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