How to make the most of Frey's healing in Forspoken

Players will need to manage healing to get the most out of combat in Forspoken (Images via Square Enix)
Players will need to manage healing to get the most out of combat in Forspoken (Images via Square Enix)

Forspoken offers a vast open-world for players seeking to explore every corner of the brand new world of Athia. However, it is also laden with countless dangers and threats, thanks in part due to the corruption that has taken over its wildlife as well as foes that prowl about.

This means that players must be prepared before they venture out, in addition to ensuring they have survivability options as a backup. The key factor for staying alive is managing protagonist Frey's health. There are a handful of options for players to ensure her vitals are up at all times.

Here is a rundown of how to maximize Frey's healing potential in Forspoken

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The foes encountered throughout Forspoken can pose a decent level of challenge as players will often face multiple enemies at once, often each one attacking from different directions. So it would not be unreasonable for players to lose some HP (health points) while fighting.

The basic method for regaining health is using consumables. Players can carry up to 6 Healing Draughts by default and it heals a good chunk of health.

Those struggling to manage their health might wonder if there is a way to create Healing Draughts in the first place. After all, this is an open-world game, so it would be unfair to have players run to and from vendors that are selling the item. Thankfully, players are able to craft one using two Balm Flax.

Balm Flax is a common resource found in the overworld. Players will need to visit a workbench to craft it, which can be done at Refuges or alternately, players can spend firewood to set up camp.

Both scenarios work, but to save time, it is best to make use of the camp. Lastly, players can hold more Healing Draughts by crafting additional medicinal puches. This is done by acquiring three Nuggets. Quite rare in comparison to Balm Flax, they can be found in some Refuges or during side-missions.

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However, players may not always be in an ideal position during battle in Forspoken. They may find themselves running out of Healing Draughts, especially during challenging boss fights. In such a scenario, players will need to rely on Frey's magic to heal her. One of the most useful spells in the game, Tendrils lashes out at enemies and heals the user in return.

Couple this with other support magic, like Scream, which surrounds the player with rocks that reduce incoming damage, and players should get some breathing room.

Alternately, Scream's duration is also a good opportunity to use some healing draughts and get that health back up, especially if players want to reserve mana for other spells instead of Tendrils.

On that note, many spells can also be upgraded for greater effectiveness.

Forspoken is published by Square Enix and developed by Luminous Productions, the same team behind Final Fantasy XV. The game was released on January 24, 2023 and is only available on PlayStation 5 and PC platforms as of yet.

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