How to master Brigitte in Overwatch 2

Mastering Brigitte in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Brigitte in Overwatch 2 (image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 has finally arrived, bringing with it all of the original heroes from the first game. Changes in gameplay, such as the switch to 5v5 with only one tank, have resulted in some heroes being improved or becoming more viable. Brigitte is one of those Heroes, who was nerfed into oblivion in the original Overwatch.

Brigitte is a support hero who possesses abilities that make her feel like a tank. Brigitte, armed with a melee weapon, primarily heals by striking enemies, causing her to heal herself and those around her for a limited time.


She can also throw repair packs to heal enemies far away, and she has a shield that can protect her from limited damage. She can deal damage with her shield and perform a ranged attack with her weapon that knocks enemies back. Her ultimate ability provides overhealth to herself and everyone in her immediate vicinity.

Becoming proficient with Brigitte in Overwatch 2

The best way to play as Brigitte in Overwatch 2 is to position her near her team, close enough to fight enemies but far enough from teammates to benefit from her Inspire passive.

As previously stated, Brigitte has the potential to be a pseudo-tank with proper positioning. She can use her shield to mitigate damage and her whip shot to clear space for her team. She can also use her mace to deal with multiple enemies at once.

However, it is important to remember that Brigitte does not have the health of a tank in a team fight. As a result, she is much more vulnerable to being picked off by flanking DPS characters.


Brigitte should be front and center for the team fight. Of course, this keeps her passively useful and in the range of all her allies for healing. It also allows her to clear some space by attacking enemies who come within range while keeping everyone close by for the Rally.

Despite her survivability, Brigitte is still vulnerable to being run down by flanking DPS characters or tanks with healer Heroes in Overwatch 2. Brigitte thrives when she is surrounded by her team. If she is separated from her allies, she could become an easy target for the enemy. If an enemy gets behind Brigitte and attacks before she can face them, she won't be able to use any of her tools.

Characters such as Sombra and Tracer in Overwatch 2 can be extremely dangerous to Brigitte if she is all alone. The only way to deal with these problematic characters is to stay close to the team, avoid areas where Brigitte could become surrounded, and remember the various tools she has at her disposal to deal with enemies.


It is important to note that she has the passive ability of health recovery after not taking damage, which keeps her alive. Players can learn to flutter her shield as a last-ditch survival tactic, using it to avoid damage long enough to begin health recovery or buy time for her team to arrive. When she is attacked by flankers, using her shield to negate damage and dash to reposition to cover may just keep her alive.