How to master Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Mastering Cassidy in Overwatch 2(Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Cassidy in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Cole Cassidy, formerly known as Jesse McCree, bringing a taste of the Wild West to Overwatch 2, mastering the Damage Hero can help you turn the tide of a match. Cassidy is a cowboy with a thirst for justice and a long history in the Overwatch universe, who is quick to draw and can be formidable in a duel against other DPS Heroes.

In Overwatch 2, his red cloak appears more technological, and he has more padding and armor than in Overwatch. Furthermore, Cassidy's style of play has changed from Overwatch to the latest version of the game, with some buffs making the gunslinger smoother in the draw.

Mastering Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Cassidy in Overwatch 2 has switched from Flash Bang Grenades to Magnetic ones, a significant change that players will appreciate. It is simple to use and deals 130 health points to the enemy it is stuck on, as well as 65 health points in explosion damage to any enemy within the radius.

Sticking to even the fastest-moving opponents is easier than landing a Flash Bang, and novice enemy players may cause some damage to the opposing team as they retreat.

Cassidy has a limited set of abilities, so players will have to rely heavily on his ability to hit shots with the Peacekeeper. It does a lot of damage, especially when a headshot is landed. Cassidy can handle most opponents at close to medium range, but hitting shots close-up can be difficult, which is where the alt-fire comes in.


Cassidy can wildly unload the revolver, but if he doesn't get the kill, he ends up getting stuck reloading, which is where the Combat Roll comes in. This ability is helpful for entering or exiting a fight but is best used when players really need to reload but don't have time for the animation.

Cassidy has a very powerful Ultimate that allows him to drop the entire enemy team in one move. However, Deadeye renders him vulnerable and limited in movement. Moreover, he can't really do much without using the Ultimate ability, so players have to pick their moments carefully.


Instead of dealing damage to all enemies in sight, he can pull it before it reaches one-shot territory. This ability works best when combined with another friendly ultimate ability, preferably one that does crowd control, such as Zarya or Reinhardt. This reduces the enemy team's ability to kill him before he can perform the Ultimate.

The Magnetic Grenade in Overwatch 2 is great for delivering a devastating finishing blow or opening against an enemy, but it has a very limited range. It will explode if he throws it too far, and he must get really close to enemies in order to stick it on them.


Magnetic Grenades deal more damage if stuck on an enemy, but won't one-shot even a low-health Tracer. He must shoot them either before or after throwing the grenade. It's also worth noting that the grenade can inflict damage on Cassidy, so it is advised to maintain distance once it has been lobbed.

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