How much money does Tyler1 make from Twitch? League of Legends streamer allegedly among Top 20 

Tyler1 is the only League of Legends personality who is in the top 20 Twitch earnings as per leaks (Image via Riot Games)
Tyler1 is the only League of Legends personality who is in the top 20 Twitch earnings as per leaks (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends is one of the biggest games within not just Twitch, but in the world. Especially since League of Legends Worlds 2021 started streaming on Twitch and other pages from October 5, 2021.

Therefore, when it comes to streaming, the total number of viewers that it gathers is also quite high. League of Legends maintains an average of 150,000 viewers on Twitch daily. Streamers like Tyler1, Faker, Nemesis, Jankos and LS are some of the biggest League of Legends streamers on Twitch.

The gross payouts of the top 100 highest-paid Twitch streamers from August 2019 until October 2021:

However, despite all the viewership, it seems Tyler1 is the only personality who has made a significant amount of money from streaming League of Legends.

According to the leaks, Tyler1 is the only League of Legends streamer who has made it into the top 20 list of the most earning Twitch streamers, which speaks a lot about his channel's popularity.

Tyler1 has amassed over $2 million in gross earnings from 2019 to 2021. Further details regarding the numbers have been provided below.

Tyler1’s Twitch payout leaks prove he is the biggest League of Legends streamer and is undisputed in every regard

Tyler1 has always claimed to be the biggest Twitch streamer when it comes to League of Legends. He started off as someone who would be known for raging and getting banned. In fact, he did get permanently banned by Riot Games for quite some time.

However, soon both parties understood that they needed each other. This resulted in his return where he claimed to be the most reformed North American player ever. It was true as he changed himself a lot despite retaining certain traits that made him famous.

Here's a more comprehensive list of leaked Twitch payouts (I will keep updating this thread as more things come out).

Tyler1 amasses around 20,000 to 25,000 viewers on a daily basis and that is higher than even streamers like Shroud and Pokimane. His streams last for around 15 to 18 hours at times as he sits and grinds League of Legends all day long.

As a result, his Twitch payout from August 2019 to October 2021 reflects the same. Tyler1 made around $2,490,584.90. That is close to $2.5 Million, which makes the streamer only second to streamers like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman. His payout for the month of September 2021 was $213,372.

The leaks show the sheer size of Tyler1 as a League of Legends streamer, and is a reflection of his dedication. He streams more than anyone, grinds more than anyone and persists more than anyone. Which makes them possible reasons why the money he earns is more than every other League of Legends streamer.

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