How to mute players in Halo Infinite

Mute players in Halo Infinite if they become too much (Image via Xbox)
Mute players in Halo Infinite if they become too much (Image via Xbox)
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Halo Infinite has a lot of great interface options but trying to mute players is slightly more cumbersome than other shooters make it. If players don't want to hear bad mics or too much trash talk in Halo Infinite, then it's important to find the mute option.

In other games, mute options can be used fairly quickly by opening up leaderboards and either muting individuals or quickly selecting a "mute all" option. Halo Infinite doesn't utilize that same method and instead uses the social menu within the game. As long as players can make their way to the menus in Halo Infinite, muting is easy.

Using the social tab to mute in Halo Infinite


When looking at the leaderboard within Halo Infinite, players will have a mic icon next to their name that can indicate whether someone is muted or not. But the action itself can't be done in that location. Instead, players need to open up their menus.

Open the menu by selecting ESC on keyboard and mouse or the select/start option on a controller. Once the normal menu is opened up, players need to head to the social tab and look for the list of players within the game. Here, every player in the match will be listed whether they are an enemy or a teammate.

When using this method to mute players in Halo Infinite, each person needs to be selected individually. To do so, simply scroll over a player and choose the option to mute them, and this action will be indicated on the leaderboard by the aforementioned mic icon which will have a line through it. This is the best option for players who have bad mics or are simply being a nuisance.

There is also a method to mute the voice channels entirely in Halo Infinite, but the settings are needed for this.

Muting voice chat entirely in Halo Infinite

If players in Halo Infinite want to forget about voice chat entirely, then there is an option to make the process easier. This time, the social tab isn't needed.

Instead, players need to head into the settings where they can look for the audio tab. There, players will find all of the audio settings that they need, including the option to turn off voice chat or turn down the volume. But remember that communication is important for victory in Halo Infinite.

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