How old is IShowSpeed? Exploring the streamer’s age as he almost burns house down with fireworks

Exploring IShowSpeed's age and chaotic career (Image via Sportskeeda)
Exploring IShowSpeed's age and chaotic career (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Ohio native IShowSpeed has been at the center of many controversies, including ones involving misogynist rants. The streamer, however, has continued to regularly stream to over 100K+ concurrent viewers. These viewership numbers can be attributed to his content. And speaking of his content, he recently went viral for almost setting his house on fire; this stream went live on July 4.


Does the teenager sometimes indulge in dangerous things? Yes, and it is part of his brand. He is literally riding the viral wave, jumping from one controversy to another. And on his July 4 stream, he not only met the YouTube OG KSI but also ended the stream after the firemen showed up.

Darren Watkins Jr, aka IShowSpeed, has been making waves in the streaming community. The teenage streamer has taken the world by storm with his meteoric rise to fame. His over-the-top, unpleasant, and compulsive reactions to things on stream caught the eye of the Internet, giving him a spot on the trending pages on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

IShowSpeed's age and how he has made chaos his brand

Born January 25, 2005, Darren has not even reached adulthood and yet has accomplished what many streamers take years to achieve. The 17-year-old's success has much to do with the highly energetic streams that have made him so popular. And his obsession with pop culture and popular figures in it, such as Ronaldo, have done wonders in spreading his brand.

IShowSpeed is known for his chaotic reactions and explosive rage with which he confronts any disappointment. His streams frequently include a lot of cussing, dissing, and the smashing of things, especially when he loses a match in FIFA or NBA. The streamer has capitalized on the nature of his content and has made it his brand.


On a stream that came after the July 4 one, IShowSpeed tried to defend his actions by comparing himself to a two-year-old baby. Much to people's amazement, Speed tried really hard to defend himself and prevent people from calling him dumb, suggesting it is not common sense to be afraid of lighting fireworks in a room. He said:

"You know how a two-year-old baby does not know what fire is, 'cause they don't know it's going to hurt you? But once you know it hurts, you stop. So now I know that fireworks hurt you. So now I stopped. It's growing up, you learn from your mistakes."

IShowSpeed's popularity and fame are products of the shock value he provides with his bizarre analogies and rants. Moreover, fans enjoy it when he rages after losing in a game — a common sight for those regularly indulging in his streams. Moreover, his numerous music videos and obsession with the Portuguese footballer Ronaldo, along with his hatred for Messi, add to his unique persona.

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