“Do your husband’s dishes b*tch”: YouTuber IShowSpeed goes on violent rant against women, gets banned on Valorant

YouTuber IShowSpeed has been banned from Valorant and other Riot games for his sexist rant (Image via Sportskeeda)
YouTuber IShowSpeed has been banned from Valorant and other Riot games for his sexist rant (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTuber IShowSpeed does not shy away from controversy and has gone viral a second time this year. In the clip from a month ago, the streamer raged at a player in his team for "talking to him," and after a female member of the team spoke up, he raged at her, hurling sexist remarks.

It has since caught fire on social media, leading to IShowSpeed getting banned in Valorant for his actions.


IShowSpeed rant against a woman in his Valorant game went viral

The clip in question was called “Speed gets pressed by a Valorant E-girl” on his “Daily Dose of Speed” channel a month ago. In the clip, the YouTuber gets taken down after rounding a corner and starts to rage at the game.

When another teammate confronted him about landing his shots, the streamer began to rage, swear and yell at the other male player, saying he’s not a noob and knows how to play the game. Things took a decided turn for the worse when a female player on the team spoke up, saying it was clear he didn’t know how to play.

“Is a b***h talking to me? Is a female talking to me? Am I tripping? Am I tripping or is a female talking to me? Is a f**king female talking to me? Get off the f**king game and do your husband's dishes, b***h! Shut up! F**k you!”

The clip has since gone viral, and according to Sara Dadafshar, Valorant producer, IShowSpeed has already been banned from Valorant and all other Riot Games as a result of his actions.

Social media responds to IShowSpeed’s sexist rant from Valorant clip

Social media has been abuzz talking about this particular clip, ranging from people saying IShowSpeed was just trash-talking, and others condemning his actions. In particular, xQc responded to Keemstar’s tweet about it.

Keemstar talked about another content creator trying to expose IShowSpeed for “trash talk” and then highlighted some of their previous tweets that encouraged trash talk. xQc shot back, saying that this sort of clip from the YouTuber is not “trash talk” at all.

Adin Ross watched the clip recently as well, and at first didn’t see what the big deal was until he started hearing the YouTuber rage at another player and then the sexist rant.

“At the end of the day, we’ve all got mothers and sisters, you know what I’m sayin, bro? But look, I talked to Speed, I talked to Speed right, okay? That is wrong, and he knows it’s wrong, okay? This clip is from months ago, this is when Speed was at his most toxic.”

According to Adin Ross, the YouTuber has grown and matured since then. Reddit compared him to Tyler1, saying he’s like Tyler, but more offensive. Others were just shocked that a Valorant developer came out to publicly ban the YouTuber.

Though the clip is at least a month old, it caught fire again, and as a result, the YouTuber was permanently banned from all Riot games, but if the streamer changes his ways, that could change. Tyler1 was eventually unbanned from League of Legends, so only time will tell what happens with Speed.