How old was Technoblade when he passed away battling cancer?

Technoblade recently passed away due to cancer (Image via Sportskeeda)
Technoblade recently passed away due to cancer (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a piece of unfortunate news for the gaming community, Alex "Technoblade" lost his battle against cancer at the tender age of 23. In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Techno's father shared the unfortunate news with his fans, announcing that their son had passed away due to stage 4 cancer.

Technoblade revealed back in August 2021 that he was diagnosed with sarcoma, a malignant tumor that was found on his arm. However, since the announcement, it was revealed that Technoblade underwent limb salvage surgery, a type of operation that preserves the patient's limbs while the malignant tissue is surgically taken out.


Technoblade's true identity revealed in heartfelt goodbye video

Technoblade was born in June 1999 and resided in San Francisco, California. He had three siblings, whom he mentioned in his short video yesterday, where he casually revealed:

"My siblings are going to college! Well, if they want to. I don't wanna put any dead brother peer pressure on them"

The 23-year-old Minecraft streamer concealed his identity for a long period of time. He made a prank video where he coaxed his viewers into believing that his name was 'Dave', but in his final video, he revealed that his real name was Alex.

Technoblade was an active participant of DreamSMP, a multiplayer Minecraft server created by streamers Dream and GeorgeNotFound. It also included members such as Callahan, Karl, Tommyinnit, and Wilbur Soot.

Techno's father also revealed that they planned to do a formal face reveal for his son, but could not find the right time and space to film it. His face is nonetheless visible in a couple of videos on his channel.

Fundraising campaigns

Dream, in a Minecraft Championship event, decided to donate money for every point his team recorded in the tournament. Streamers such as Keppy, Awesamdude, Finnster, TapL and Grian also matched the amount that Dream was donating, taking the total amount to over $100K.

Earlier this year, Alexander also announced a 'Minecraft vs. Cancer' charity event where he wanted to raise funds to donate to cancer research and hospitals.

The gaming community joins hands in sending their wishes to Alex

The gaming and streaming community gathered around on social media to express their love for the 23-year-old streamer following his demise. Fellow streamers and internet personalities such as Ludwig and Jake Lucky sent their condolences.

Fans even organized a memorial on his Hypixel Minecraft server:

Technoblade will be remembered within the gaming community as a talented young streamer who created a fascinating virtual world with his skills. Additionally, he was also the winner of the Purple Pandas event in 2021.

He has also won the Minecraft Monday tournament four times, and dueled Dream in a $100,000 1 v 1 competition hosted by MrBeast, where Alex won 6-4, claiming the prize money.