How old are Xiao, Venti, and Zhongli in Genshin Impact?

Xiao, Zhongli and Venti have all lived long lives (Image via charlie!!)
Xiao, Zhongli and Venti have all lived long lives (Image via charlie!!)
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Genshin Impact's roster of characters all have unique backstories, with lives that extend through years of history. Some of the Genshin Impact characters are relatively young, like Mondstadt's Bennett or Fischl, while others are thousands of years old like the powerful Archons.

Players will be familiar with several of these Archons, including the powerful God of Contracts Zhongli and the God of Freedom Venti. Players may also be interested in the age of Xiao, another suprisingly long-lived individual due to his non-human nature. Fans can find out the ages of these characters here.

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Genshin Impact: How old are the Anemo and Geo Archons?

Given their youthful appearance, Genshin Impact fans would be forgiven for thinking that the powerful Archons were far younger than they were. In reality, the Archons have simply taken a form that is easier for humans to interact with, as their ages extend thousands of years back.

Players who have met the playful bard Venti will be surprised to learn that he played a pivotal role in the forming of Mondstadt over twenty six thousand years ago. This means that at the very least, Venti is over twenty six thousand years old, though his body takes the form of a young boy he met during this time.

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As the Geo Archon, Zhongli is one of the oldest characters in Genshin Impact, and he helped form the land that has become Liyue. Zhongli is said to have lived for over six thousand years, seeing the formation of much of the world himself. He played a pivotal role in many of the world shaping conflicts that shook Teyvat to its core, like the Archon War.

Without Zhongli, the world would be much different, as he has watched over it for centuries.

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How old is Xiao:

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Xiao's age may surprise players, as he appears in the form of a young teen who is on the shorter side. Xiao has actually lived for over two thousand years, as he was once enslaved by a violent god who used him to perform cruel acts.

He was saved by Zhongli, and became a defender of Liyue, protecting it from monsters and other spiritual threats. Players have met Xiao several times over the course of the game's story, and it seems like he is finally beginning to warm up to his humanity after all of these years.

Genshin Impact's characters each have unique and storied pasts, and players will definitely want to look into their lore as it can be very interesting.

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