All Aphotium Ore locations in Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering event

Aphotium Ore is important for this event (Image via S4YUHOURLY)
Aphotium Ore is important for this event (Image via S4YUHOURLY)

Genshin Impact's latest event requires players to gather special resources to unseal the Teleport Waypoints throughout Enkanomiya. Fans will need to gather both Tokoyo Legumes and Aphotium Ores to unseal them, and Aphotium Ore can be tricky to find. Luckily, there is an easy way to spot it once players upgrade their Bokuso Box.

Players can find out the locations of the Aphotium Ore here, along with how to easily locate it in Enkanomiya. Players will need plenty of this ore if they plan on fully exploring during this event, so gathering a ton is essential.

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Genshin Impact: Where to find Aphotium Ore


Aphotium Ore can be found throughout Enkanomiya, but locating it can be tricky without Genshin Impact players taking advantage of the Bokuso Box. As fans upgrade the box, it will gain new passive traits that can make exploring the vast undercity easier, and one of these traits makes locating Aphotium Ore incredibly easy.

By upgrading the Bokuso Box to level one, it will gain a passive that marks the locations of nearby Aphotium Ore on a player's map, giving them a pinpointed location to the nearest ore.

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Once fans see the ore on their minimap, they have to head to where the icon is and collect it from the ground. They will need plenty of this ore to unlock all of the waypoints in Enkanomiya, though the good news is that there is more than required for all of the waypoints.

Once players have all of them unsealed, collecting more doesn't seem to have any use at the moment, but it could turn out to be handy in a future segment of the event.

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There is plenty of Aphotium Ore to find in Enkanomiya, with it appearing all over islands like The Narrows and Dainichi Mikoshi. Players will be able to get enough Aphotium Ore for the entirety of Enkanomiya's waypoints.

They will want to start collecting this ore as soon as possible to take advantage of all the rewards from this event before it ends. Genshin Impact's latest event requires players to collect a ton of items across Enkanomiya, but thanks to these location videos and the Bokuso Box, gathering this ore is easy.

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