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How to open any chest in Fortnite before other players can

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 11 Nov 2020, 09:59 IST

Fortnite players hate it when they land first on a chest location only for enemies to get weapons from the chest first.

It can be incredibly frustrating when players land at a chest only to get destroyed by an enemy who got his/her hands on the loot first. Many gamers avoid hot drop spots for this very reason, and it is understandable as nobody wants to get eliminated seconds after landing on the map.

However, recently, a streamer showcased an innovative way to bamboozle enemies near a chest and get weapons first in almost every circumstance by using the synced emote.

This article talks about this new technique for gamers to confuse enemies and easily open chests to get weapons first and smoothly start their games.

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How to open 'super chest' at Stark Industries or any chest before enemies in Fortnite

Super chests in Fortnite are very rare and contain a superb quality of loot. While these chests are spread across the map, Stark Industry remains the location to have surefire crates in its vicinity. These super chests are also one of the main reasons this site remains a hot drop spot for Fortnite players.

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With the season coming to an end, most players know these super chests' locations, making them hot-drop spots, with enemies landing nearby to obtain the same crate as the players.


Earlier, it would be a 50-50 situation for gamers to get weapons and eliminate nearby enemies. But a streamer named OttoPK posted a creative way for players to trick enemies and stop them from opening the super chest before him/her.

In the clip posted on Twitter, Otto intentionally landed on a super chest with an enemy next to him, trying to open it by spamming his action key: 'E.'

Otto used the 'Last Forever' synced emote to make the enemy dance along with him and then canceled it to open the chest and get the loot, soon after eliminating the opponent.

If players are confused by this interaction, here's what Otto did. He performed the synced emote, and as users might be aware, it is an emote that allows players to dance with enemies or friends by clicking their action key, also used as the chest opening key.


Like most players, the enemy was spamming his action key to open the chest first but unintentionally got into a dancing emote with Otto.

This is a great strategy to get to chests before enemies in Fortnite. However, it also raises some eyebrows over the game's pay-to-win aspect, getting more prominent by the day.

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Published 11 Nov 2020, 09:59 IST
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