How to play COD Mobile on laptops and PCs using emulators: Step-by-step beginners guide

COD Mobile Season 4 is here among us (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile Season 4 is here among us (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile has garnered a lot of praise for its gameplay and graphics. The game has some elements incorporated from its PC franchise while still retaining its unique features.

The developers behind COD Mobile have also given mobile gamers the best of both worlds by using the advantage that the COD PC franchise has created over the past.

COD Mobile can be easily downloaded and enjoyed on both Android and iOS devices. But gamers always want more. So, in this article, players will learn how to play COD Mobile on laptops and PCs using emulators.

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Detailed guide to install COD Mobile on laptops and PCs

The emulator layout (Image via Noobs2pro)
The emulator layout (Image via Noobs2pro)

Players need to download and install an emulator to play any mobile game on a laptop or PC. The emulator helps the system mirror the software features of the Android device and run the game.

The following steps pertain to using GameLoop, one of the best emulators out there:

Step 1: Players first need to install the GameLoop emulator using any internet browser on their PC or laptop. They can visit this link to download the emulator.

Step 2: Now, they can open GameLoop and click on the “Game Center” option, located on the top.

Step 3: COD Mobile will be available on the main screen under the “Game Center” option.

Step 4: Then, players have to click on the COD Mobile option, after which they will be directed to the main screen of the game.

Step 5: Users must click on the install button, present in the bottom right corner.

After the download and the install processes are over, the game will be available under the “My Games” section of the GameLoop emulator. Gamers can click on the game to launch and play the title.

Players can even assign custom keys for their layout by clicking the top right button.

It is essential to keep in mind that COD Mobile has a different lobby for its emulator players. Once players log in through GameLoop, they will always enter a separate lobby that only includes emulator players.

These steps are taken to ensure a fair gameplay experience so that players can enjoy the game without any issues.

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