How to play with your friends in EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour has multiplayer modes, but how do they work? (Image via Steam)
EA Sports PGA Tour has multiplayer modes, but how do they work? (Image via Steam)

EA Sports PGA Tour is the newest golf-simulation video game by Electronic Arts for the brand new generation of gaming hardware, bringing with it multiple improvements and additions to the series. A major feature advertised in the title is the co-op functionality, with a heavy focus on multiple players in a lobby competing against each other.

While the mode has been available since launch, it has some restrictions and allows only 16 gamers at a time. Let's go through the details below.

EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer guide: How to join friends for a session

You can start a multiplayer session by accessing it under the Play menu of the game. Select the desired online mode and begin the match. Invite players or join a lobby of your choice and begin.

The game supports only up to 16 gamers in a single match. Further, the mode is rather limited and only allows you to view the shots taken by others, with no switching of controls.

The restriction applies to all competitive modes at launch, as well as Private Match lobbies. The community has been quick to call out Electronic Arts for the missing features and fingers are crossed for EA to patch it in a future update.

What are the multiplayer game modes available on launch?


There are a total of three online game modes, which quite naturally require an uninterrupted internet connection. A total of 16 players are supported in each mode, as described below:

  • Competitive: As the name implies, this mode features ranked matchmaking as players are pit against each other over a series of rounds - including 9 and 18 hole matches.
  • Social: This mode is unranked and pits players against each other in a non-competitive environment. Similar to Competitive, they take part in multiple matches such as 9 and 18 hole rounds.
  • Private Match: This mode offers direct control of the gameplay and round settings and is intended as a “custom match” between close friends. Invites can be sent out to players to join this lobby.

Other than these three online modes, a set of offline-only variants such as the Career Mode, Challenges, and Tournaments are included as well.

Details about EA Sports PGA Tour


EA Sports PGA Tour is the latest entry in the PGA Tour video game franchise. It is a direct sequel to 2015’s Rory Mcllory PGA Tour and promises to be the best in the genre.

The title includes several improvements to its core gameplay as well as the addition of a new mechanic known simply as the Pure Strike system that adds in parts of a golf shot. Additionally, it also features a complete integration with ShotLink and has over 30 courses for players to explore - complete with playable tour golfers such as Cameron Champ, Nelly Korda, and Scottie Scheffler.

After numerous delays since its initial announcement in March 2021, EA Sports PGA Tour was released on April 7, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with both singleplayer and online functionality.

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